BLUEPRINT 4D: Top 10 Sessions to Forge Your Path to Victory

Top 10 Must-See Sessions at BLUEPRINT 4D

The annual Quest Oracle Community’s BLUEPRINT 4D conference is always a highlight of the year, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the Oracle user community. This year’s lineup is packed with sessions covering everything from the latest trends to practical solutions for common business challenges.

With so much on offer, it can be tough to decide which sessions to attend. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 sessions you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re an IT professional or a business leader, tthese sessions are sure to provide valuable insights and inspire new strategies to help you go for gold in your organization’s future.

Embrace the spirit of excellence—your vision, your victory.

How to Add Sessions to Your BLUEPRINT 4D Agenda

To add sessions to your schedule, log in to the BLUEPRINT 4D Event App and search for your desired session, session ID, or company presenting in the Agenda tab. Tap on the presenter’s name and select the Related Session. Click on the star icon on the left side of the session to add it to your schedule and it’s added to your agenda. We can’t wait to see you there!

1. Opening Keynote – Future Ready: Preparing for the Age of AI

George Danner, Business Laboratory

[Session ID: P-048922]

It is an exciting time. It is a terrifying time. Technology seems to be moving faster than anyone could have imagined, upending industry after industry, but providing tremendous opportunities in its wake at the same time.

This all leaves us wondering… what can we do to be Future Ready given these new and uncertain times brought about by potent technologies like AI?

You might be surprised to know that this is hardly the first time that society has been confronted with massive upheavals due to the introduction of the sweeping technology of the day. Who can forget the violent riots in the late 1700s as the Industrial Revolution was taking hold? In this talk, we will look carefully at several periods of history and the lessons they taught us as to how to prepare to thrive in a world that includes AI-borne superpowers. History is the finest of teachers.

We will then shift over to a more modern take on what is going on today. Here again we look at people and companies that can teach us more about what the future holds. Tesla, Apple, SpaceX, and Amazon are remarkable firms with charismatic founders, but what lessons do those companies hold for the average businessperson looking to make a difference going forward? We believe that we have uncovered some crucial features of modern-day firms that will propel them long into the future, along with other firms that adopt their practices.

Beyond companies in business, how can individuals become Future Ready? Our conversation will inevitably lead to the steps that people can follow to prepare for the coming wave of technological progression. We will offer tips and tricks to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the rapid advances. Some of this advice is rather counterintuitive, some of this will be hard work. All of it will cause you to stretch your mind in ways that you would not have done naturally.

Join us as we take a walking tour of the future through the lens of the past.

2. Release 24 and Beyond: JD Edwards Product Update and Roadmap

Paul Houtkooper, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-049001]

Release 24 delivers on JD Edwards’ promise of digital ERP. Join Paul Houtkooper, Vice President, Product Development, and Jon Green, Senior Director, Product Management, for a review of Release 24 and the innovative solutions that help you optimize your JD Edwards applications. Learn how you can enable those applications to be the core of your digital initiatives and simplify and automate managing your JD Edwards instances. We will also touch on some of the more interesting innovations we are currently working on as we move toward intelligent ERP.

3. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP: Innovating in Finance, Thriving on Disruption

Gary Grieshaber, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-048997]

Organizations are facing increasing imperatives to transform their finance departments to embrace new innovations that enable automated processes and digitized workflows. In this keynote, we’ll explore how Oracle Cloud ERP can transform finance organizations by delivering real-time data with predictive insights and increased operational control. You’ll see how it delivers innovations like machine learning and AI-based automation to reduce transactional complexity and deliver fast ROI to unlock cost efficiencies and the power and agility to thrive.

4. Integrating Oracle Guided Learning with yourTimplementation Training: OCM: and Project Plan/Programs

Bryan Rose, Terillium, Inc.

Dan Barford, Terillium, Inc.

[Session ID: P-029915]

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is a powerful tool that enhances the effectiveness of end-user training and facilitates smoother organizational change management during project implementations. This session is designed to equip PMOs, Change Managers, Training Managers, and Project Teams with the knowledge and strategies needed to seamlessly integrate OGL into their training/project deployment and change management programs for optimal project outcomes.

Objectives include:

  • Features and capabilities of OGL and how it supports overall end-user learning.
  • Effective methods to seamlessly integrate OGL into existing training frameworks like change management programs and your PMO.
  • Techniques for customizing OGL content to align with project-specific requirements and user needs.
  • Best practices to encourage user engagement and drive adoption within the organization by integrating OGL.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of OGL and its impact on project success metrics


Join us for this session at BLUEPRINT 4D to learn more about Oracle Guided Learning (OGL), a powerful tool for enhancing end-user training and facilitating smoother organizational change management during project implementations.

5. Bricks to Use to Future-Proof the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Installation by Staying Code Current

Clayton Seeley, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-049002]

JD Edwards Update Manager has simplified the process of staying current. This is a must-attend session to understand how:

  • Improvements made to limit and better define the testing impact and scope.
  • Improvements made by moving it to the web; benefits of not needing a development client, enabling better automation and scheduling.
  • Improvements made to record keeping by bringing that activity into the tool (special instructions, parent/child and impact on customizations).

6. You Can Do A Lot With What You Already Have: How To Optimize On-Premises Now For Better Performance.

David Downey, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-049018]

Not quite ready to make the move to the cloud? Learn how to optimize your current platform to drive better results. In this session you will hear about the tools we use to optimize your on-premises platform, including steps you can take to maximize performance, enhance the user experience, as well as take the first steps to prepare for a future move to cloud. We’ll share real-world customer success showcasing how on-premises organizations are doing it today.

7. JD Edwards Support and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, A Successful Path to Oracle Cloud

Justin Walker, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-049020]

In this session learn about the latest JD Edwards cloud offerings including valuable tips and tricks for success based on real customer experiences. JD Edwards support covers key topics such as installing, migrating and upgrading JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on OCI.

8. Who Moved My Cheese? Is Fear Of Change Holding Your Team Back? Learn How To Transform Through Change To Succeed.

Betsie Reynolds, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-049028]

We all know change is not easy. But change does not need to be feared, it can be inspiring, motivating, and transformational to your business: it forces you to look at things with fresh insight. The key is to showcase the art of the possible often and consistently.

Join Oracle Consulting leaders as they share successful strategies on how to combat resistance to change grounded from hundreds of successful cloud implementations. Through our real-life customer stories, you will understand how to set your organization up for success by addressing the elephant in the room: moving to the cloud will change peoples’ roles, and we believe for the better.

9. JD Edwards: A Platform for Automation and Innovation

Gary Grieshaber, Oracle America: Inc

[Session ID: P-048974]

Join the JD Edwards development organization to learn about strategic investments made in EnterpriseOne 9.2 and hear what customers are doing today to automate and transform their businesses. Gary Grieshaber and Paul Houtkooper will share their points of view on industry trends and showcase how customers are leveraging investments from JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud to adopt new innovation and accelerate their IT modernization.

10. Understanding how AI can benefit you without overwhelming you

Anna Boskie, ReportsNow

[Session ID: P-048935]

As we fly past the 1 year mark of the release of Chat GPT and all the AI-based chat technologies that were released in 2023, it’s important to understand as an individual and a business how AI can help improve efficiency in the workplace. Regardless of whether your reporting tools have built-in chat bots, there are still many ways to capitalize on this new technology. We will be discussing utilizing Chat GPT, the pitfalls of chatbots and how to avoid hallucinations, as well as some trends seen on the horizon.


  • Utilize chat bots effectively for your reporting and analytics needs.
  • Learn how A.I. can help reporting off of JD Edwards data happen more easily.
  • Understand trends and concerns about A.I. moving forward to make sure you’re staying ahead.


May 7 – 10, 2024 | Hilton Anatole Dallas, Texas

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