Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Consultant

A succinct guide to hiring an ERP implementation consultant

After nearly 30 years in the ERP consulting business, we know a thing or two about working with an ERP implementation consultant. There can be a lot of jargon, acronyms, and confusion when it comes to business technology. One of the many reasons over 800 businesses have trusted us with their ERP projects is because of our straightforward approach. We’ve compiled the main things you need to know about working with consultants on your ERP implementation project.

What is an ERP implementation?

An ERP implementation is a business and technology project to configure new Enterprise Resource Planning software for important business functions – including finance, accounting, inventory management, and more. The complexity of an ERP implementation project varies and depends on:

  • The size of your business and the number of software users
  • The software footprint – how many ERP modules you are implementing (for example if you are only implementing ERP software for financial management the project is less complicated compared to implementing ERP software for finance, inventory, transportation, manufacturing etc.)
  • The ERP software you are implementing and the fit for your business and industry
  • The business processes and other third-party software involved
  • The experience your team has with ERP projects

Despite the complexity, millions of companies implement ERP software every year – and will continue to do so because of the many business benefits associated with using modern ERP software.

Why work with ERP consultants?

Even if you have ERP expertise on your internal team, there are many reasons to work with outside consultants on your ERP implementation project. Some of those reasons include:

  • Streamlining and expediting the ERP implementation process
  • Leveraging proven methodologies and project management frameworks to ensure project success
  • Leveraging outside expertise from consultants who have worked on hundreds of ERP projects across a variety of industries
  • Leaning on consultants to solve problems and provide solutions whether that is to do with communication and project management, technology issues, or business process challenges

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ERP Implementation Consultant

What does an ERP implementation consultant do?

In our business, we don’t really distinguish between an ERP implementation consultant and an ERP consultant. Most of our ERP consultants spend their weeks working on ERP implementations, although some are working on projects that fall under other categories. Other types of ERP projects include upgrades, assessments, adding new modules and functionality, and navigating mergers and acquisitions. We also have dedicated managed services consultants who spend all of their time providing ERP support.

But to answer the question, what does an ERP implementation consultant do? Our consulting teams consist of the following roles and skills:

  • Client executive – a member of our executive team who stays apprised of the project from start to finish and helps manage any risk associated with the implementation
  • Project manager – a senior consultant with years of experience who manages the overall project, the project timeline and deliverables, and manages the consulting team. This person works closely with you on a weekly, if not daily, basis throughout the implementation project
  • Industry and technology specialists – consultants who are experienced in your industry and specialized in the related ERP modules (for example manufacturing consultants, supply chain consultants, financial consultants, business analysts, tech leads/consultants)


Another way to answer the question of what an ERP implementation consultant does is to simply say the ERP consulting team manages your ERP project from start to go live and provides frameworks and methodologies to ensure your implementation is a success.

How to select the right ERP implementation consultant

If you haven’t selected your ERP software yet and would like help from an outside consultant – the first step is to find a consulting partner who can help you navigate not only the ERP software selection process but your implementation project as well. Our team has helped hundreds of businesses evaluate and successfully implement Oracle ERP software options.

If you’ve selected your ERP software, or have narrowed it down, you’ll want to talk to ERP consulting firms who are specialized and certified in that software. There are ERP consultants for all of the tier-one ERP software solutions – Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Acumatica etc.

Things to keep in mind for selecting the right ERP consulting partner:

  • Credentials – find out if they are an industry partner in good standing (for example, Terillium is a member of the Oracle Partner Network and has been for years. We are also a certified reseller, and our consultants are certified in Oracle software).
  • References and case studies – look for case studies in your industry. Good partners will also be able to provide references – existing clients that you can call and speak to about their experience working with the consulting company.
  • Communication and trust – feel out a consulting team by having multiple calls/meetings. Follow your instincts, and the instincts of your team when it comes to whether or not you can trust the consulting team.

What is the cost of an ERP implementation consultant?

Hourly rates for ERP consultants usually range from $150-$250. The cost for the entire implementation project is compiled in a comprehensive statement of work that includes details about the project scope and deliverables, as well as the expected timeline. The consulting team should also be able to provide ballpark pricing estimates earlier on, in advance of the final statement of work.

Other ERP implementation tips and best practices

One of our favorite sayings is if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Below are related resources to help you plan your ERP project.

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