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What is ERP

Defining ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is comprehensive business technology that enables organizations to use one system to manage company processes. ERP software is accounting and operations oriented and features one database as a master source of enterprise information. An ERP system is used to identify and plan the time and resource needs of an enterprise.

Enterprise Resource Planning software has evolved from its background in manufacturing to its modern role as the main source of truth for many businesses. Organizations that implement this software range from small businesses to large corporations, and across a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, architecture, engineering and construction, and more.

ERP software has become the leading software of choice for growing businesses that want to maintain and improve their competitive edge.

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Enterprise Resource Planning
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Why Use ERP?

ERP software’s main purpose is to increase efficiency, streamline processes and improve communication and collaboration between departments of an organization. While ERP is a business tool that can be pricey, the benefits outweigh the costs in order to grow the business and improve revenue. Some of the top benefits of ERP are:

  • Data visibility
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better reporting and planning
  • Automation of manual processes


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Comparing Types of ERP Systems

Today there are many types of ERP systems available, and businesses across industries are implementing new ERP technology in droves in order to better manage operations. With nearly 30 years in the ERP consulting business, our team has compiled this detailed guide to share key information on different types of ERP and other important considerations when selecting ERP software for your organization.

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Continuous Improvement
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ERP Selection

Vital ERP Selection Criteria to Consider When Choosing an ERP System

Selecting an ERP for your organization is no easy task. Check out our list of top 10 ERP selection criteria to consider as you begin an ERP implementation.

ERP Implementation

Planning and Strategy

An ERP project can be complicated. Whether you’re planning an upgrade, a new implementation, or integrating new functionality, you need a plan in order to be successful.

We’ve rounded up some of our ERP project best practices – sharing some of the expertise we’ve gained during 30 years in the ERP consulting business. Download your copy today for insights on the entire ERP project process from making the business case to navigating ERP selection to best practice for avoiding ERP implementation failure.

Your Guide to Doing an ERP Project Right

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ERP Implementation Best Practices

As you prepare for an ERP implementation, choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your organization is only one of several things to consider. Who to include on the project team, the stages of implementation, and your ERP implementation partner are all important decisions that need to be made before the project kickoff.

Winning Your Oracle ERP Implementation

Oracle ERP Implementations

We’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses to deliver successful ERP implementations. Our team consists of over 200 full-time consultants across the U.S. Our straightforward project management approach and our proven methodology are a couple of keys to our success. Learn more about our Oracle ERP implementation services for Fusion Cloud ERP, JD Edwards, and NetSuite below.

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Fusion Cloud ERP Implementations

Best practices for an Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP implementation and how to choose the right consulting partner

NetSuite Implementations

A comprehensive guide to approaching a NetSuite implementation project from preparation to implementation and beyond

Implementing JD Edwards

The importance of using a methodology for a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation, as well as JDE case studies

Oracle ERP Case Studies

Our most important metric as far as how we measure the Terillium Team's success: customer case studies. Read our ERP case studies below.

Eco-Energy Migrates from JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Applications20200916104623
DPI Improves Scalability and Digitally Transforms with NetSuite for Manufacturing20220408150135
Plexus Corp. Modernizes ERP Platform with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Upgrade20210125175316

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