Ultra Consulting ERP Vendor Update: Distribution

Ebook Download: 2021 ERP Vendor Update: Distribution

To accelerate core processes, maximize efficiency and have an up-to-the-minute view of operations, distributors need the right ERP solution – one that meets the unique needs of the distribution industry and their organization.

In this guide Ultra Consulting shares detailed knowledge you need to make an informed and intelligent choice when implementing successful ERP projects for your distribution company.


This report is compiled by Ultra Consultants from interviews with software company product experts, product documentation and product briefings, independent research and Ultra internal documents. Ultra’s insight is the opinion of expert consultants and based on interviews with software company product experts, project experience, sales experience and product knowledge. It is not intended to provide a complete review or comprehensive analysis of the products or company described.


Whether your company is implementing an ERP system for the first time, or replacing a legacy implementation, it’s critically important to make the right choice.

Keep the following in mind during the ERP selection process:

  1. Emphasize Industry Experience
  2. Asses the Total Cost of Ownership
  3. Consider Technology Strategy
  4. Put the Vendor Under a Microscope
  5. Speak with Real Customers


The ERP selection process can be a long and complicated. The solution you choose will affect your company for years to come. It will impact virtually every function and is a significant investment. It’s critical to find a solution suited to your business and its unique needs.

Keep these mistakes and misconceptions in the back of your mind during the selection process. These can and will result in the selection of the wrong ERP solution.

  1. Thinking that technology is the most important consideration.
  2. Assuming that all ERP solutions are the same.
  3. Believing that a highly detailed RFP is required.
  4. Thinking that an ERP project is an IT project.
  5. Assuming that big-name solutions are always the best solutions.