Four Ways CFOs are Transforming the Wholesale Distribution Industry

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“Great leaders of organizations run after problems, make their footprint bigger than their foot, and always strive to find the truth — because you have to get to the truth to be excellent.”
– Anthony Noto, CFO of Twitter

A Disrupted Industry

The wholesale-distribution industry overall is positioned for growth. How businesses can capitalize on this larger ecosphere trend is the question many distribution executives are asking themselves.

Industry disruption has put the pressure on wholesale distribution companies to keep up with the digital times, and to question traditional distribution business models in general.

At the center of this change are the finance executives and accountants. Where does our business stand? How can we grow, strategically (and smarter)? What risks can we afford? What technology can we use to turn our business vision into reality?

How do we find the answer to these questions?

To answer these questions CFOs rely on accurate information regarding their company. For many growing distribution businesses this is easier said than done. When companies grow, their original technology is often unable to grow adequately with the business. Business intelligence might be spread across multiple applications – siloed by function, and sometimes even by location.

In this white paper we’ve outlined four ways CFOs are transforming their growing distribution companies with modern business intelligence and accounting best practices.

Four Ways CFOs are Transforming the Distribution Industry

Over the course of 20 years spent working with business executives, we’ve learned that CFOs that focus on these four areas are able to adapt and facilitate growth. Download this white paper to learn more.

wholesale distribution industry

“CFOs and finance teams today are so much more than bean counters. They are problem solvers. They are dependable leaders within their organizations. They operate with a high-level of integrity. Modern finance teams have a lot of responsibility and deserve tools that help them do their job to the best of their ability.”

– Steve May, Vice President/Finance Consultant, Terillium

wholesale distribution industry