INFOCUS Dive Deep Recap | A Future Roadmap with JD Edwards

Discover What You Missed from Part Two of the Deep Dive JD Edwards Conference of the Year

This year, INFOCUS leveled up and became a two-part series to not only help customers manage change within their organization but aid in adapting to the future of JD Edwards. Last month, INFOCUS Dive Deep took place over four days as part two to the series. Throughout the conference, attendees were able to dive deep into practical learning, dig into new releases, and hone in on their JD Edwards skills.

Missed the JDE conference? Review the highlights below in our INFOCUS Dive Deep conference recap.

JD Edwards Product Update and Roadmap Keynote

With the recent launch of Release 22, the Oracle JD Edwards product team walked attendees through the three-pronged approach to future product improvements and digital transformation roadmap.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 allows you to streamline data capture to help increase the value of your software. In addition, the following innovations are included:

  • Automated Capture of Volume Level Discounts in Procurement
  • Enhanced User Security Activity Tracking for Auditing
  • Server Manager Offline Monitoring and Notification
  • Zero Downtime Deployment for Applications

Optimize Upgrades

To drive innovation, improve user experience and increase adaptability – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 enables your organization to optimize your business with the following innovations:

  • Enable Foreign Currency Cash Calls in JVM
  • Masking for Bank Account Numbers
  • New Intuitive Application Interfaces
  • Simplified Update of Lot and Location During Receipt Route
  • Simplified Update of Work Center Rates

Transform to Continuous Adaption

To provide a competitive advantage against your competition, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 brings real-time intelligence and the following innovations:

  • Form Extension Improvements
  • Launch Orchestrations from the EnterpriseOne Web Client
  • Logic Extensions
  • PO Approval Mobile Progressive Web App
  • Requirements Planning Summary & Console
  • Workflow Modeler on the Glass


Dive deeper into the new Release 22 and how it further empowers companies and their business transformation journey.

Embracing Digital Transformation in JD Edwards and Beyond Workshop

Bryan Rose, Terilllium’s Director of Digital Transformation, took the virtual stage to breakdown the term “digital transformation” and how to embrace it, including:

  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • 6 Benefits of Digital Transformation
  • 6 Key components of a Digital Transformation strategy
  • The Digital Transformation roadmap


Streamlining operations with technology is at the forefront of this evolution. Industry challenges centered around pain points in all areas of a company have been met with new, modern technologies. These enhanced technologies and strategies provide companies with better insight into all areas of their business. Now is the time to create your digital transformation strategy.

Missed the workshop? Be sure to watch the recording.

Terillium Sessions

This year at JD Edwards INFOCUS Dive Deep, we hosted 9 sessions including the Digital Transformation workshop to dive into new releases, features, and functionality.

To help adapt and find resilience in the chaos of the past two years, our sessions covered key themes for building digital transformation strategies, increasing end user familiarity, and how to harness the enormous flexibility of the JD Edwards E1 architecture in your enterprise to power creative solutions and more.

Adapting to change and building resiliency has never been more crucial. Success requires your organization to hone in on an innovation philosophy strategy. Above all, success needs a course of action for the outcomes you’re trying to deliver. Make the most of your business strategies – please feel free to contact us for copies of our JDE conference sessions or for more information.

Automate, Optimize, & Transform Your Business.

Learn more about our JD Edwards Roadmap Workshop.