INFOCUS Envision Conference Recap | The Future of JD Edwards

Discover What You Missed From the Biggest JD Edwards Conference of the Year

This year, INFOCUS leveled up and is a two-part series to not only help JD Edwards customers manage change within their organization but aid in adapting to the future of JD Edwards. The Quest Oracle Community is making sure they provided the same level of education and networking opportunities in 2021 that we’ve had throughout our past 25 years with Oracle JD Edwards.

This month, INFOCUS Envision took place over four days as part one to the series. Attendees chose from more than 150+ educational and networking opportunities, got the first look at what’s coming up for JD Edwards and learned how to leverage their technology investments to drive their business forward.

Missed the JDE conference? Review the highlights below in our INFOCUS Envision conference recap.

Innovation and Digitalization: How to Succeed in Challenging Times Keynote

 To kick off the conference, Lyle Ekdahl has announced Oracle’s commitment to JD Edwards with extended support for 9.2 – now through 2032. With investments to exit the pandemic stronger than entering, Ekdahl shares three imperatives Oracle is investing in for the future of JD Edwards.

Imperative 1 – Adopt an Agile Mindset

Digital transformation has been a buzz word for a few years now, and as a business strategy it’s gaining quick momentum. With major shifts across the world due to the pandemic, it is essential to be able to adapt quickly. Move towards an agile mindset and adopt these three strategies:

  • Continuous Delivery by JDE
  • Continuous Adoption from Customers
  • Continuous Feedback to Evolve

Imperative 2 – Develop a Digital Strategy

Whether you are leading a team through a leadership change, a merger, a change in process or technology – having a plan is key. But an effective plan for how to manage change isn’t one-size-fits-all. Consider these areas of your organization when building a strong digital strategy coming out of the pandemic:

  • Remove Friction
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Hyper Automation Strategy

Imperative 3 – Embrace a Cloud Culture

Today there are more choices than ever for Oracle ERP solutions. Making sense of the offerings when it comes to a path forward with JD Edwards can be a confusing and time-draining experience. If your organization is planning to leverage Oracle’s investment in cloud, consider the following:

  • Hybrid
  • Surround JDE
  • Future with SaaS

JD Edwards Product Update and Product Roadmap

This year at JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision, we were joined by the JDE project management team to tap into the following strategies for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2:

  • Customer Centricity
  • Digital ERP Software
  • Continuous Product Innovation
  • Standards Based to Leverage New Tech Quickly
  • Adoption of an Oracle Cloud Strategy

Application Optimization

When optimizing your JD Edwards applications, it can be a little overwhelming on where to start. Utilize these action items as a guide for your JD Edwards roadmap:

  • Protect Your Business – enable legislative and regulatory compliance for global country, local and industry specific requirements.
  • Improve Your Business – address business user pain points by digitizing business processes and simplifying user experience.
  • Future Proof Your Business – use the latest technology roadmaps to deliver flexibility, fully integrated solutions, and engaging interfaces that adapt to tomorrow’s changing business realities.
future of JD Edwards

To drive a faster financial close with JDE 9.2, the following analytics were added:

  • Intelligent UX
  • Machine learning
  • Improved decision making
  • Driving business efficiencies
  • Creating competitive advantages


Moving forward, Oracle’s biggest investment for application optimization is to continue to address business and user pain points by automating business processes and simplifying user experiences. In fact, 30% of the attendees surveyed plan to leverage new application enhancements.

Digital Transformation

Align your business to the JD Edwards Digital Platform with the following:

  • User Experience – streamline the traditional user interface and extend to digital experiences such as mobile and chat bots.
  • Process Automation– compress process cycles, eliminate manual steps, reduce human errors, automate processes, and remove friction.
  • Enterprise Integration – differentiate business processes and deliver end-to-end process excellence across your enterprise.
    • No customization, lowering the IT level of expertise needed to implement in a short amount of time.
    • Integrate interfaces easily with other systems
    • Rapidly respond to new requirement and opportunities without costly customization.
future of JD Edwards

Coming out of the pandemic, there will be a lot of opportunity for clients and customers to accelerate. With the next generation of workflow, Oracle continues to enable creativity with the “point of process” for rapid time value. In addition, operational efficiencies are improving, and the technical requirements/skill sets to build automated processes are reducing. Key features in the roadmap include:

  • No specialization, very easy to learn
  • Less code to write, helps innovate faster
  • Rapidly delivery, acceleration of speed to market
  • Address business requirements with minimal coast
  • Attract and retain top talent

System Automation

Automating your system operations is a continuous cycle of planning, building, deploying and adopting continuous innovation. More specifically, look into automating the following:

  • Enterprise Class Infrastructure – at a lower cost than on-premises and leveraging OCI.
  • Efficient Run and Maintain – automate common IT activities to deliver the highest quality of service, with better scalability.
  • Continuous Innovation and Deployment – easily stay current to leverage new capabilities to transform your continuous innovation delivery model.
future of JD Edwards

To further improve barriers to continuous adoption, Oracle JDE suggests considering these factors within your organization:

  • Pivot to meet dynamic and changing market demands
  • Adopt new and leading technology to gain competitive advantages
  • Further business and IT partnerships to drive innovation.


With the focus of continuous adoption, 45% of the attendees surveyed plan to invest in a low code/no code platform. For more support on how to modernize your JD Edwards infrastructure, please feel free to contact us.

Terillium Sessions

This year at the INFOCUS Envision, we hosted 11 sessions (including two deep dive workshops) on where to take your JD Edwards investment next. With the opportunity to learn and leverage the latest JDE roadmap, our sessions covered key themes for protecting, improving, and future-proofing your business.

A lot has changed with the JD Edwards product over the past five years, and a lot has stayed the same. Our Future is Bright workshop focuses on three important areas to consider as you plan your future roadmap. Please feel free to contact us for copies of our JDE conference sessions or for more information.

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