INFOGRAPHIC: Replacing Aging ERP Systems

Still on an Outdated ERP? It’s Time for a Switch.

Why businesses are moving to the Cloud.

Growth isn’t easy and especially when it comes to growing and scaling a company. Do you find yourself paying ongoing fees for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software maintenance, yet are unable to take advantage of the upgrade path? Maybe, it’s time for a switch.

With the ease and adaptability of integration, lack of costs on services, and no data center staffing to maintain – a cloud solution quickly becomes an attractive alternative. Companies that welcome the possibility of streamlining business processes and freeing up the time and resources needed to accelerate growth, drive innovation and remain competitive.

How to you know when to make the switch?

Signs of an Aging On-Premise ERP

  • You doubt the accuracy of your business reporting.
  • Finding talent to maintain your system is a challenge.
  • Your ERP version is no longer supported by your software vendor (or it is, but the cost is too high).
  • An upgrade to your current system would be as expensive, and as time consuming, as implementing a new Cloud ERP.

moving to the cloud

Cloud ERP is Growing

  • The cloud-based ERP market size hit $29 billion in 2019, up from $18 billion in 2016.
  • 73% of companies have at least one application already in the cloud; another 17% plan to put at least one application in the cloud this year.
  • Cloud ERP is 30% cheaper than on-premise solutions.
  • 47% of companies use on-premise ERP but use application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate cloud-based applications.
Source: Terillium white paper – Comparing Cloud ERP & On-Premise ERP

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*NetSuite customers saw 17% growth (24% for ecommerce users) in 2017 compared to 8% and 6% for MSCI Emerging and S&P 500 respectively.

Why do Businesses Move to the Cloud?

moving to the cloud