JD Edwards Cloud

JD Edwards Cloud

Learn more about JD Edwards Cloud - let our certified JDE team help you evaluate and compare your options below.

We partner with our clients for all of their Oracle JD Edwards needs – including JD Edwards cloud services.

Terillium’s cloud hosting solutions enable flexible, scalable, and cost-effective JD Edwards system hosting with expert support, complementing ERP Managed Services to optimize your investment and maintain a competitive edge.

If you’re considering moving JD Edwards to the cloud, let our certified JDE team help you evaluate and compare your options.  Our team is knowledgeable on the pros and cons of the cloud options below – and how they can either help or hinder your JDE performance.

Considering Moving JD Edwards to the Cloud in 2024?

AWS, cloud hosting

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 is supported on AWS. One of the well known options in cloud services, AWS offers sophisticated options as well as flexibility, scalability, and reliability. AWS promises an uptime equal to or greater than 99.0%.

microsoft azure, cloud hosting

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and Oracle partnered to enable their customers to migrate and run important enterprise functions across the two products. This includes the ability to run Oracle JD Edwards on Microsoft Azure cloud solutions. Azure promises 99.95% uptime with the caveat of having two or more role instances in different fault and upgrade domains deployed.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud

There are benefits to running Oracle JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud. Including rapid deployment options. There are three options for JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud: the trial edition, the multitier edition, and one-click provisioning. All options can increase agility and reduce IT costs in the long-run. Oracle promises uptimes between 99.0%-99.99%.

Each of these solutions have different features. Our experienced consultants can provide unbiased guidance, and help you choose the right option for your organization – based on your budget as well as your internal IT skillset.

Benefits of a JD Edwards Cloud Solution

The benefits of the cloud are the abilities to stay current with regular upgrades, save money on hardware, and use your time to be more strategic. Other benefits of hosting JDE in the cloud include:

  • Greater control of security and compliance
  • Ability to optimize networks
  • Easier integration with other in-house applications
  • Lower lifetime costs

Three Signs You're Ready for a JD Edwards Cloud Solution

1. You Want to Be More Strategic and Innovative

Contrary to popular belief, the impetus for cloud computing comes from IT executives more often than not.

Outsourcing hosting and saving money on hardware allows IT departments to focus on more important business initiatives.

2. You Want to Save Money on Hardware

The top two business benefits to the cloud as reported by Oracle users are:

  • Increased business flexibility and scalability
  • Cost savings through standardization for operational efficiency

3. You Want to Stay Current with Regular Upgrades

At Terillium we can upgrade your ERP system, place it in a secure, cloud environment, and give users access to data in the latest software versions within a short period of time.

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