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JD Edwards Cloud Pathfinder Assessment

Let's find the best path forward.Cloud? Hosted? IaaS? Saas? Fusion Apps? Today there are more choices than ever for Oracle ERP solutions. Making sense of the offerings when it comes to a path forward with JD Edwards can be a confusing and time-draining experience. Let us help.

About the JDE Cloud Pathfinder Assessment

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JDE Cloud Pathfinder Assessment At A Glance

 The Pathfinder Assessment is designed for business leaders at executive and management levels who would like to determine options for moving forward that are based on data and best practices. At a high-level the ERP Technology assessment delivers: 

  • ROI and cost considerations 
  • Understanding cloud options for your business 
  • Functionality comparison between legacy/on-premise ERP and Oracle Cloud applications 


Assessment Timeline

The timeline for your cloud assessment depends on the needs of your organization. The Pathfinder Starter Assessment takes approximately one week. The Comprehensive Pathfinder Assessment is a longer engagement, between 4-8 weeks.

Assessment Cost

We tailor the cost of the engagement to the level of deliverables required from the assessment.

JDE Cloud Pathfinder Assessment Methodology

The Pathfinder Assessment is designed to assist your decision-making process by distilling down the three most important segments of your future: Functional Needs, Technical Design and Organizational Readiness. Using our Assessment Methodology, we can quickly assist in identifying areas of your business to consider when analyzing the options.

Whether it be identifying opportunities to gradually begin adopting an alternative ERP solution or choosing a full-blown migration, the multi-faceted needs of a business must be carefully considered to ensure a smooth transition to the future.

  • Functional Needs: The lifeblood of any business exists in the carefully coordinated business processes that ensure you are meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Taking a survey of your organization’s current application performance can provide meaningful insights into where immediate improvement can be found. More opportunities exist now, within Oracle’s integrated ERP offerings, than ever before to ensure your business is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Technical Design: Understanding your organization’s technical competencies and overall level of sophistication are important factors to consider. As businesses grow, technical architecture is often haphazardly assembled to meet the most pressing needs of the day. Taking a step back to examine the current technical landscape can provide meaningful insights into how to consolidate and “future-proof” your current systems.
  • Organizational Readiness: Often, the human element is disregarded when determining the direction of your company’s ERP strategy. Businesses can face difficulties when deploying a new product, from the executive leadership down, but with preparation these risks can be mitigated. Using collected organizational attributes and change characteristics, we locate your business’ OCM Risk Heat Map location. Harnessing this knowledge will equip leaders with the necessary information to empower a successful change management strategy.

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