JD Edwards Manufacturing Deep Dive Workshop | COLLABORATE19

Leverage The Power of JD Edwards Manufacturing Functionality | COLLABORATE19 Workshop

Speaker: Bryan Rose

Join us for our JD Edwards Manufacturing Deep Dive Workshop during COLLABORATE19. Broken up into four 50 minute sessions, we’re focusing on popular JD Edwards manufacturing topics that most JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne users want to learn more about.

Missed COLLABORATE19? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

MRP – Getting better results instead of noise

When MRP best practices and setups are utilized, JDE’s MRP is an extremely valuable tool that can help a company’s supply chain tremendously.  From making sure long lead time products are available to generating work orders based on monthly demand, JDE MRP tool is the jack of all trades.  In this session we will talk about MRP best practices and the key areas that normally cause MRP to fail or be in-accurate.  After this session you will have a better understanding of what your MRP environment should/could look like.

  • Objectives
    • Understand key requirements for successful MRP processing
    • Increase end user familiarity and comfort levels within MRP
    • MRP best practices

Keep your Shop Floor Capacity in Check

Are you having issues scheduling your facility due to capacity reasons? In this session you will learn about the JDE capacity planning module and how it can help get your production line within your specific capacity constraints.  We will also include best practices for grouping like orders and products together to increase efficiencies.

  • Objectives
    • Better understanding of Capacity planning based on defined capacities
    • How to categorize like items for increasing shop floor throughput
    • Paperless processing to better coordinate scheduling and shop floor employees
    • Shipment Reference Numbers

Manufacturing Analytics Made Simple!

The new UX tool set brings a whole new level of manufacturing analysis and visibility to the table.  In this session you will get a deep dive into how new features like notifications, orchestrator, watchlist and E1 wide search have changed how JDE end users gather and analyze data.  By the end of this session you will leave a UX expert who can contribute some of these new tools to your organization.

  • Objectives
    • How to gain real-time data analysis to your most important shop floor KPI’s
    • Building real-time notifications and system automation based on specific threshold values
    • Better way of evaluating shop floor efficiencies

Manage Assets like a Pro!

In this session you will learn how some of the new UX tools such as Form Personalization, Notification and Orchestration can transform how you maintain your machines or truck fleet. With the new JDE Orchestrator, you can consume raw data such as meter runs or mileage to better time your PM messages in JDE and keep your equipment running! After this session you will better understand how the JDE UX tools can make sure your shop floor stops as little as possible for mechanical failures.

Shop Floor IOT Integration

  • Objectives
    • Different levels of IOT integration
    • Easy IOT wins
    • Decreasing the number manual system entries done on the shop floor

Meet the Presenter

Bryan Rose

Bryan is a JD Edwards Consultant at Terillium who specializes in both Manufacturing & Distribution modules. He has been involved in numerous successful implementations and upgrades across a wide range of industries. Additionally, he is Product Certified in all JD Edwards Manufacturing applications. Bryan is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Master’s of Science in Business Informatics.