Leverage The Power of JD Edwards Orchestrator Workshop | Quest Forum Digital Event

Utilizing JD Edwards Orchestrator in Manufacturing Workshop| Quest Forum Digital Event

Speaker: Bryan Rose

Fri, June 12, 2020 | 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM EDT

We invite you to join us for our JD Edwards Manufacturing Deep Dive Workshop  formerly taking place at Oracle Collaborate 2020, now to be held online during the Quest Forum Digital Event. JD Edwards Manufacturing Deep Dive Workshop broken up into two 90 minute sessions focused on popular JD Edwards Orchestrator manufacturing topics.

Creating a Simple Shop Floor Interface for End Users

Creating a simple & intuitive shop floor user interface is key to enable easy navigation inside of JD Edwards for shop floor users.  In this session, you will learn to easily create a shop floor interface which includes function such as clock in/out, material issues, work order completions and more. All of these features are created leveraging the new UX One tools.


  • Understand key requirements for successfully shops floor processing
  • Learn how to utilize new UX One tools such as Orchestrator, Notifications, Personal Forms and Form Extension
  • Easily create simple end user application layouts

Enhancing Resource Scheduling with Orchestrator

Are you having issues scheduling your facility due to capacity reasons? In this session you will learn how to enhance the JDE capacity planning module leverage the JD Edwards Orchestrator and how it can help get your production line within your specific capacity constraints


  • Better understanding of how Orchestrator can enhance standard Capacity planning
  • How to categorize like items for increasing shop floor throughput
  • Paperless processing to better coordinate scheduling and shop floor employees

Meet the Presenter

Bryan Rose

Bryan is a JD Edwards Consultant at Terillium who specializes in both Manufacturing & Distribution modules. He has been involved in numerous successful implementations and upgrades across a wide range of industries. Additionally, he is Product Certified in all JD Edwards Manufacturing applications. Bryan is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Master’s of Science in Business Informatics.


Fri, June 12, 2020 | 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM EDT

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