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Cloud Sessions at JDE INFOCUS Envision

Join us virtually April 12-15 for the all new, all digital, and all JD Edwards conference – INFOCUS Envision. This year at JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision, we will be hosting 11 sessions (including two workshops) on multiple topics. Check out our cloud sessions below.

Pathway to The Cloud: Assessing Your 3D Readiness

Tom Colbert, Dir Organizational Change Management at Terillium, Inc.

Cameron Copper, Senior Distribution consultant at Terillium, Inc.

Wednesday, April 14 | 6:15pm – 7:15pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-100950

With the multitude of options facing an ERP Cloud decision, a single blueprint will not carve the path to success. Too many options, yet no clear path? Making sense of where your organization’s footprint should start with a 3D Cloud Readiness Assessment that addresses the multi-faceted needs of your business. This session will detail an objective Readiness Assessment of the three integral dimensions (3D) necessary to fully understand your organization’s needs, and help you make informed decisions. Spanning Functional/Business Needs, Technical Design and Competencies, and Organizational Attributes and Change Risks, participants will discover which ERP model best fits and receive a customized Pathway to The Cloud report

A Leaders Guide to Governing Continuous Adoption and Cloud Transformation: The End Game

Tom Colbert, Dir Organizational Change Management at Terillium, Inc.

Thursday, April 15 | 8:00 am – 9:00pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-100900

One of the most important factors in the success of any Cloud technology or business transformation is purposefully creating a behaviorally directive environment and set of organizational riggers. However, if not established with the end game in mind, things can (and will) derail rapidly. This session will tackle the key fail-points that are often ignored that compromise project success, as well as provide a dynamic guidebook for re-wiring your organization and project teams to lead rapid change and adoption. Based on behavioral analytics, organizational/systems psychology, and 30+ years of leadership experience, the focus will be on proven behavioral methodologies and their direct application.

What You Need to Know About INFOCUS Envision

Laurel NockMarch 16, 2021