Let’s Get Technical JDE Web Series | On-Demand

Take Your JDE System Functions to the Next Level

Four-part Technical JD Edwards Webinar Series | On-Demand

Since our Continuous Innovation JDE Web Series was so popular, we’re bringing it back – but a little more technical! Learn technical ways to take your JDE system functions to the next level. Join us for this web series with four different sessions:

Mini 9.2 to 9.2 Upgrades

CNC 101

Implementing 64-Bit

Safeguarding E1 from External Threats

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Mini 9.2 to 9.2 Upgrades – Staying current on code, tools, middleware, OS, hardware

Speaker: David Toal

You made it to 9.2, and you took a deep sigh of relief that you don’t have to go through that again. But is that true?  In this session we will look at what it takes to live in a continuous delivery support model where Updates, ESU’s, Tools, Middleware, Operating Systems and Hardware releases are regularly putting your system out of date.

The fact is JD Edwards is continuing to expand and new functionality is being added through Continuous Adoption and Delivery. The 9.2 that came out of the box is quite different than the 9.2 of today. Staying Current is a momentous task, but this session will cover how to layout a manageable plan to be “near” current by using a regular mini-upgrade approach.

CNC 101 – Technical overview of JDE for a non-technical audience

Speaker: Chris Haraf

This webinar will provide an overview of the technical aspects of a JDE installation. The webinar is designed for non-technical resources to get an understanding of the key underpinnings of the JDE system including environments, pathcodes, OCM and datasources. The Change Management Lifecycle will be discussed with the purpose of each environment. We will also review the various servers within the architecture and their purpose within the larger configuration.

Implementing 64-Bit – Why upgrade to JDE 64-bit

Speaker: David Toal and Chris Papineau

JD Edwards is now 64-bit, and everyone is excited, but WHY? This presentation takes a deeper look at why your next tools upgrade should be 64-bit. We will review the pros and cons and expected changes to your system. We will provide an overview of the process and expected tasks for a company completing the conversion. We will look at how 64-bit may affect your interfaces, ODBC connections and printer drivers.

Safeguarding E1 from External Threats – Advanced technical security tools

Speaker: Maurice Ojeda

This webinar is intended for advanced technical resources and will focus on using external security tools to further safeguard your JDE environment and internal infrastructure. Attendees will learn about limiting server to server communication to identified ports for JDE, encrypting traffic between server to server and server to client, and encrypting JDE data.

Meet the Presenters

David Toal

David is the director of Managed Services at Terillium and leads our MS team in supporting over 100 JDE clients. He has worked with JD Edwards since 1999. The dedicated team provides Application, Technical, Development, CNC and DBA support to customers who are using the software and want to augment their existing team or need skill sets that are not available internally. David has also presented at various workshops and conferences including COLLABORATE, INFOCUS, and regional user groups.

Chris Haraf

Chris is the Director of Technology at Terillium and manages the CNC Team. He has worked with JDEdwards since 1997 and the first release of the software B714. He has been involved in over 200 implementations as either the technical resource or as a Technical Project Manager. His work includes architecture design, install\upgrade, security, and lifecycle management.

Chris Papineau

Chris has a Masters degree from the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has worked for 30 years in the software industry, starting in the C/UNIX world with Martin Marietta and Computer Data Systems Inc. He has 25 years experience with J.D. Edwards, and was on the original development team who created the product, specifically the batch engine and JDENET middleware modules.  For about 20 years he has specialized in software performance, troubleshooting and resolving issues for dozens of customers during that time.  Since January of 2019 he has taken his enthusiasm for customer work to Terillium, working installs and upgrades as well as resolving performance issues.

Maurice Ojeda

Maurice is a CNC Solutions Engineer at Terillium and primarily focuses on project related work with installs and upgrade.  He has worked with JDEdwards since 1999 and since JD Edwards release B73.2. His career with JD Edwards has spanned the range from onsite technical consultant,  architectural engineer for hosting providers, solutions engineer to sales, to managed services. He has served in one or multiple of these roles for over 300 differently clients throughout his career.