Leveraging Orchestrations for Manufacturing and Distribution Workshop | INFOCUS 2020

Leveraging Orchestrations for Manufacturing and Distribution | INFOCUS 2020 Workshop

Speaker: Bryan Rose and Adam Farris

Monday, October 19 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM ET

We invite you to join us for our JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution Deep Dive Workshop during INFOCUS 2020. This 180 minute breakout session will focus on popular JD Edwards Orchestrator manufacturing topics.

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Orchestrator Overview

In this session you will learn not only how to leverage Orchestrator Studio, but real use cases for both manufacturing and distribution companies.  Orchestrator has changed the way people utilize JDE and in the session we will explore some of the key features/functions that can get your business automating non-value-added tasks overnight.


  • Orchestrator Studio Foundation Deep Dive
  • Orchestrator Components
  • Testing

What's New

  • Debugger
  • Calling BSFN directly
  • Calling Orchestrations without Connectors
  • Scheduler (Start and Stop)
  • Orchestrator Health Monitor

Three Distribution Use Cases

  • UPS Address Validation
  • Receipt Route movements
  • Manage your sales orders more effectively (Hold Releases and Status Movements)
  • Q&A

Three Manufacturing Use Cases

  • Material Shortage Management
  • Managing and Communicating Machine Downtime 
  • Use Notifications in a Manufacturing Environment 
  • Q&A

Meet the Presenters

Bryan Rose

Bryan is a JD Edwards Consultant at Terillium who specializes in both Manufacturing & Distribution modules. He has been involved in numerous successful implementations and upgrades across a wide range of industries. Additionally, he is Product Certified in all JD Edwards Manufacturing applications. Bryan is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Master’s of Science in Business Informatics.

Adam Farris, Terillium
Adam Farris

Adam is a Senior Distribution Consultant and Staff Development Lead at Terillium, responsible for Terillium University training. He is specialized in JD Edwards Distribution and has been involved on many successful implementations. Adam has presented at various workshops and conferences including COLLABORATE, INFOCUS, and regional user groups.


Leveraging Orchestrations for Manufacturing and Distribution

Monday, October 19 | 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM ET