Navigating the Future: Top 10 Must-See Sessions at INFOCUS 2023

Top 10 Sessions at JD Edwards INFOCUS

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge technology and innovation! INFOCUS 2023, the much-anticipated JD Edwards event of the year, has once again brought together the brightest minds and industry leaders to showcase the latest JD Edwards insights, updates, and education. These sessions are set to illuminate the future, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of JD Edwards in our rapidly changing world.

To help customers navigate the full conference, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most innovative sessions not to miss at INFOCUS 2023. Add any or all of the sessions to your agenda by clicking the “Add to Calendar” dropdown bar and selecting your calendar preference. We look forward to seeing you there!

1. JD Edwards Welcome and Roadmap

Paul Houtkooper, Oracle America, Inc.

Wednesday, Sept. 27 | 8:45 – 9:45am MT | Plaza Ballroom BCEF

JD Edwards continuous delivery of innovation in EnterpriseOne 9.2 enables you to automate and transform business processes, creating competitive advantages and improving operational efficiency. Join Paul Houtkooper and members of the JD Edwards product team as they highlight current and future product innovations, including strategies for Release 24 and beyond. Gain insights into other sessions where you can get detailed education, learn about best practices, and increase your understanding of the value of our recent offerings.

2. Business Process Automation Ignite Sessions

Quest Oracle Community

Wednesday, Sept. 27 | 12:45 – 1:45pm MT | Governor's Square 10

Join us for four unique customer stories in this fast-paced session type! Session 1: Business Process Automation: Removing Obstacles Technical innovations are one aspect of the puzzle. Leveraging additional tools to smooth the new process integration. Speaker: Michelle Hasna, Hadrian Session 2: Ignite JDE with Embedded Automation Learn how embedded JDE applications can increase efficiency and simplify user experience. Speaker: Thomas Liptak, Penn Engineering & Mfg Corporation Session 3: Coming Soon! Speaker: John DeLuca, Hydranautics Session 4: Robust user provisioning resulting in no IT internal controls audit gaps Come hear how Printpack went from a manual, time consuming, and prone to mistakes review process to a bi-annual rolling audit; developed a standard roles combination matrix for all job codes; and built workflows to push the audit/approval to line managers.

3. CNC Role in JD Edwards Release 23 and Beyond.

Chris Speciale, JDE Senior Consultant at Terillium Inc.

Christopher Haraf, Director of Technology at Terillium Inc.

Wednesday, Sept. 27 | 2:00 – 3:00pm MT | Governor's Square 17

Harness the new tools provided with R23 to power creative solutions. CNC tools enable advanced lifecycle management configurations and simplify administration. Learn strategies to leverage the latest capabilities within your organization.

4. Support Tools to Streamline Issue Resolution

Boon-Long Ng, Oracle America Inc.

Wednesday, Sept. 27 | 3:15 – 4:15pm MT | Governor's Square 15

This is a session intended to review the various tooling options for JD Edwards Support Customers to assist and streamline the troubleshooting process. This session is targeted to any individual tasked with troubleshooting JDE issues or those that regularly engage Oracle JD Edwards Support.

5. EnterpriseOne Search - An Alternative to Enhancing User Inquiries

Bernadette Durham, Director of JD Edwards Practice at Terillium Inc.

Thursday, Sept. 28 | 8:00am – 9:00am MT | Tower Court B

How can I search for a customer address record based on their city, state and zip? How can I narrow down my item lookup in purchase order entry to only view items for my specific vendor? The answer used to be “you can’t without an enhancement” – there were some workarounds, but nothing that completely met the business need. And then along came EnterpriseOne Search! This UDO allows custom searches to be built, including over multiple business views or tables, so that you can provide lookups on the fields that the users need, display only the data that is useful, and allow selection of records directly from the search. The E1 Search can be used in almost any application or functional area – this session will be based in Distribution applications, but that’s a limitation of the time we have and not the tool itself!

6. Preview of New Inventory Management Features

Dave Greiner, Oracle America, Inc

Thursday, Sept. 28 | 1:00 – 2:00pm MT | Governor's Square 17

Inventory management and control will be made much more efficient and flexible by a coming soon feature that will allow availability and movement to be determined by a Location Hold field in the Location Master. This will eliminate the need to update individual item/lot/location records. For inventory planning, safety stock provides protection against unforeseen fluctuations in supply or demand. Another feature coming soon will eliminate the need to manually maintain safety stock values by providing the ability to have them calculated and populated by the system. Attend this session for a detailed preview of these upcoming new features.

7. Minimizing Downtime with R23

Christopher Haraf, Director of Technology at Terillium Inc.

Chris Speciale, JDE Senior Consultant at Terillium Inc.

Thursday, Sept. 28 |3:30 – 4:30pm MT | Plaza Court 7

Harness new E1 tools and architecture in your enterprise to reduce downtime. New functionality including virtual job queues, no downtime package deploys and kernels that reconnect can be leveraged separately or along with architecture solutions to greatly limit your system downtime.

8. Discuss the Possibilities of AI/ML with JD Edwards

Jeff Erickson, Oracle America, Inc

Thursday, Sept. 28 | 4:45 – 5:45pm MT | Governor's Square 15

AI/ML is headline news but what does it mean for your organizations and JD Edwards. As the JD Edward product team researches how AI/ML can add intelligence into business, join us at this roundtable provide input ton future product development for AI/ML for JD Edwards. This session has a virtual presenter.

9. Automating System Administration and Java Patching with Chatbots and Orchestrations

Javeed Khan, Oracle America, Inc

Friday, Sept. 29 | 9:15 – 10:15am MT | Governor's Square 15

System administration and Java patch management can be a daunting task when you manage a large set of servers. Join this session to learn how our internal JD Edwards DevOps team has been leveraging Chatbots to automate CNC system administration activities and Orchestrator for automating Java patching, which saves time and resources. Note: This session has a virtual presenter.

10. Hidden in Plain Sight: A Punch List of JDE EnterpriseOne Tips and Tricks I was the Last Person to Discover

Chris Papineau, JDE Senior Consultant at Terillium Inc.

Friday, Sept. 29 | 11:15 – 12:15pm MT | Governor’s Square 16

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a complex product and CNC is niche which has grown over the past 28 years or so into an enormous plant named Audrey which seems to be saying “Feed me!” Any CNC can get caught up in these tentacles and see their install or upgrade grind to a halt over numerous single point failures, nuances, and tribal knowledge items. This session will document an eclectic assortment some of these items, relevant to installs, upgrades, and configuration. Included and JAS server tweaks, fixes to back-end Enterprise server problems, Configurator UXone issues, and useful SQL solutions to JDE conundrums. This is a surface level survey of useful roadblock eliminators rather than an open heart surgery session into bare metal details.

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