NetSuite Demo: How to Integrate Shopify with NetSuite

Integrate Shopify with NetSuite via Celigo or Custom API

Watch this short demo to learn more about two options to integrate Shopify with NetSuite:

● Leveraging Celigo, the leading platform for NetSuite integrations, to easily connect Shopify (and other platforms) with NetSuite
● Using custom API functionality within NetSuite for important integrations

Video Transcript: How to Integrate Shopify with NetSuite

Mike Mahannah:

All right. Thanks for joining us today. This is Mike Mahannah with Terillium. I’m a NetSuite Practice Leader here, and today I’m joined by Robert Chambliss, who is our Lead Technical Consultant.

So Robert does a lot of our integrations, a lot of our technical work with scripts and workflows. And, Robert, one of the things that we see a lot with customers, existing NetSuite customers, and then prospects that are looking at NetSuite, is the need to connect NetSuite to one of their other systems. So there are off-the-shelf options. Great ones like Celigo and then there are custom options. So looking at what you have available on the screen here, Celigo, maybe you can walk through some of the key features of this integration.

Robert Chambliss:

Sure. Sure. So I have created a little flow here to integrate Shopify with NetSuite. This is the backend of Celigo and just call it integrator IO. Created a Shopify to NetSuite instance that kind of just collects customer data from Shopify and then uploads as a customer recording NetSuite. So there’s a lot of different things that you can do in Celigo’s backend as far as with the data. As you see here, you’re able to transform data, before you want to process that information going into NetSuite. You’re also able to filter out any type of information.

So there’s certain information you don’t want, do want, that gets uploaded. You’re able to do that coming out of Shopify. You also able to do that going into the destination here as well. Did you see here? This is kind of an import map, shows you how easy it is to map field from Shopify itself, it pulls the data from Shopify. And also the data of the mapping from NetSuite itself. You’re able to hard-code data as well, like a, hard-coded a primary subsidiary that comes up from NetSuite itself. And when it gets uploaded, every customer would actually be assigned to this one subsidiary.

Mike Mahannah:

Yeah. I think the thing that I like about that is, it’s not a lot of technical coding. I know that you’re obviously technical, but for someone like myself, it’s pretty easy to understand what’s being converted from Shopify to NetSuite. And so I think that just that UI or that interface is very helpful.

Robert Chambliss:

Nice. Yeah. Also another thing that touch up on is below here, you’ve got a little dashboard section, so you can kind of see how the flow, or just kind of see where it’s at in due time. As you see here, this is the last update that I ran. In this particular flow it actually adds customers and updates. And technically I’ve got four customers within Shopify that you see here. So it’s looking for any type of updates that I’ve done in Shopify, and that’s why you see the success of four. And as you see here you’ll see the success of three here.

All right. And you’ve got other features where if there was any type of issues…like I tried to do something here, testing and it actually failed. So you can mark as resolved once it’s complete. And I marked this one as resolved because you see the flow is completed there. When this happened here, actually got an error and just showed us one, I’m able to view that error and kind of view the data, like what happened. Celigo will also tell you what that error is. So you can go back and change that. And then you see here, this has been resolved. Just kind of quick snapshot of what you can see inside of the integrator.

Mike Mahannah:

Yeah. You could see the value that a tool like Celigo brings to it. Not only in just, “Hey, what are the pieces of data I want to connect”, but once it’s connected, how well is it performing? And then when do I have problems? So it’s a very powerful tool. And we know that a lot of customers do like it, but there is a another alternative. And it’s more of using the standard NetSuite API functionality and maybe kind of talk about how somebody could potentially do that.

Robert Chambliss:

Yeah. No problem. If you have department, who’s got some software engineers or what not, they’re able to tie into NetSuite using an API so you can get more custom type application. Some home grown that you want to pass information into NetSuite. And you’re able to actually test and create URLs through a piece of software called Postman. Clicked it on here. And as Postman’s coming up…as you see on the left-hand side here, I’ve got a list of APIs that are kind of pre-made, that NetSuite has out there for you. You’re able to create records, take a look at sublists, subrecords, query information. Also, NetSuite kind of gives you an environment that you can, when you in your token, your customer ID, from the integration that you create within NetSuite.

Mike Mahannah:

Yeah. I think for those companies or those organizations that do have a custom system and have technical resources, I think a tool like this is very powerful to get that set up. But if it is something that you’re uncomfortable with as an organization, then certainly you could leverage Terillium’s NetSuite implementation resources. And we could certainly have Robert play a role in that for you guys. So, yeah, I appreciate the time Robert, I think it’s one of those things that for companies that are looking at a solution like NetSuite, or have it, and want to connect to a third-party system, there’s two main ways. Either kind of the pre-existing tool like Celigo, which is a very powerful one, or using your own custom NetSuite API functionality to integrate Shopify with NetSuite. So thanks everyone for taking a look at this today, and you have a great day. Take care.

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