NetSuite for Small Business and Startups

Day-to-day operations for owners of startups and small businesses can be hectic and varied. Individual tasks and details can become overwhelming. However, basic software relies on manual processes and doesn’t provide clear visibility that can help your company grow. And all-in-one solutions can be expensive. For that, there is NetSuite for small business and startups.

Why NetSuite for small business? Choosing the software on which to run your company is a decision fraught with a variety of factors. Discover why NetSuite is the best ERP for you. Learn why NetSuite for small business and startup companies set you up for success:

Why NetSuite for Startups and Small Businesses Works

As any startup or small business owner will tell you, running a business is expensive. Whether you’re one of the businesses backed by the rising amount of venture capital investments or your cash flow is your own dime, expenditures must be carefully considered.

However, investing in business software is necessary to keep processes running smoothly and encourage growth. Sure, you could use one program as your accounting software, and another for your inventory management, but more than likely those programs don’t play nicely together. An enterprise resource planning solution solves those problems – but they can be costly.

NetSuite is the affordable option for businesses that need one source of truth. It’s a true cloud-based ERP software solution designed to grow with your business. NetSuite provides real-time visibility into your company’s data and comes equipped with built-in business intelligence tools to help you make informed decisions that will help your company grow.

As a complete solution, NetSuite provides a full suite of software tools, such as financials, supply chain management, e-commerce, human resources, order management and more. These robust applications are role-based, making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate based on the user’s department and responsibilities.

This comprehensive view paints a clear end-to-end picture of your company’s processes at every stage. Coupled with the real-time data, this functionality provides you with the flexibility and insight to spot strengths and weaknesses to be optimized, paving the way for growth. As you grow, NetSuite will grow with you.

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NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition – NetSuite Small Business Pricing

One of the most valuable assets that NetSuite offers a startup or small business is that operations can be run entirely on a NetSuite platform. But full solutions can be out of range for small companies. Enter NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Starter Edition – a total solution designed to make ERP for small business more accessible.

Startups and small businesses that choose NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition aren’t selecting a watered-down ERP with light versions of key applications and less functionality. Companies will receive the full system designed for the specific needs of a smaller enterprise. This includes the NetSuite Professional Services Activation, a low-cost activation in which NetSuite consultants will convert your business data, configure your system, take you through a process walkthrough, conduct training and assist with go-live support. A value of about $70,000, the discounted activation gets your business online with NetSuite quicker and affordably.

NetSuite Professional Services Activation – Implementation at Low Cost

As part of the NetSuite Professional Services Activation, 10 or fewer users are set up with roles in the NetSuite platform. By the end of the first phase, the software is up and running with your most integral tools, such as financials, customer relationship management, or CRM, inventory management and more. Additionally, SuiteSuccess Starter Edition delivers 95 or more pre-built reports and pre-configured roles with dashboards and business intelligence metrics.

With the inexpensive, focused implementation, your business can see a return on investment quicker. Businesses are live on NetSuite in days with the SuiteSuccess Starter Edition, as opposed to nine months or longer. Once you’re up and running, you’ll also be able to adjust your software according to your business’ needs, as well as integrate any third-party applications you might require.

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Follow-Up Options to Consider

What to do now that your business is live on NetSuite? As your company grows and expands, your needs may evolve. Fortunately, NetSuite can be adapted to work best for you. Some options include:

Review your business and your software’s functionality to determine whether you are making the most of your investment. Consider your business goals, current technology, system architecture, manual processes with the potential for automation and reporting and analytics capability. You may choose to add on modules or additional functionality to better fulfill your business needs, such as financial management, project management and more.

Whether you opted for a SuiteAssessment first or have a to-do list you want to get started, consider SuiteAssist. A managed services program for NetSuite users, consultants will assess your current operations, make recommendations and perform tasks geared toward improving your functionality. Some support services include additional user training, in-depth testing, adding functionality, optimizing your current system, building custom reports and more.

Perhaps your company has seen success and growth, but you’ve outgrown your NetSuite platform as it is currently. Carry your business into the future with NetSuite through a seamless transition and greater functionality. Purchase the full NetSuite license for your software, adding additional users and tools to allow NetSuite to help you scale outside of the SuiteSuccess Starter Edition.

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