NetSuite Implementation: Your Comprehensive Guide

The Importance of a Well-Structured NetSuite Implementation

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP software that offers a unified solution for managing various business processes, from financials to customer relationship management.

A well-structured NetSuite implementation process is vital for ensuring that a business can fully leverage the potential benefits of NetSuite. It helps to minimize disruptions, reduce risks, and maximize ROI. Without a well-planned approach, businesses may face challenges in aligning NetSuite with their specific needs and goals, leading to inefficient operations and missed opportunities for growth.

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Understanding NetSuite Implementation

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to streamline their processes, gain real-time insights, and make informed decisions, all within a single platform. NetSuite’s adaptability and scalability make it suitable for a wide range of industries, from startups to established enterprises.

Benefits of a Structured Implementation Process

If you need a more customized solution, a well-structured implementation process is pivotal for organizations looking to harness the full potential of this powerful software. It enables businesses to align NetSuite with their unique requirements, reduce disruptions, mitigate risks, and maximize return on investment. Structured implementations ensure that companies can leverage NetSuite to optimize their financial management, automate processes, enhance customer relationships, and gain a competitive edge.

If you are looking to implement a less customized version of NetSuite, SuiteSuccess is a great option. SuiteSuccess is a pre-configured industry-specific solution designed to expedite implementation and deliver best practices. SuiteSuccess includes predefined dashboards, reports, and KPIs tailored to specific business needs. This accelerates time-to-value and minimizes customization, ensuring rapid and efficient deployment. On average, businesses that use this proven framework go live on NetSuite in 100 -140 days.

The Role of Terillium in NetSuite Implementation

Terillium plays a crucial role in guiding businesses through their NetSuite implementation journey. With a deep understanding of both NetSuite’s capabilities and the intricacies of various industries, Terillium’s expertise ensures that organizations receive a tailored, efficient, and successful implementation experience. Partnering with an expert like Terillium is instrumental in helping companies realize the full potential of NetSuite for your unique business needs.

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NetSuite Implementation Preparation

The Importance of Preparation

Effective NetSuite implementation begins with meticulous pre-implementation preparation. Adequate preparation not only reduces risks and disruptions but also ensures that the software aligns with the unique needs and goals of your business. It sets the stage for a smooth transition, maximizing the benefits of NetSuite. Pre-implementation preparation includes:

  • Defining Business Goals and Objectives: Clear and well-defined business goals and objectives are the compass for a successful NetSuite implementation. These goals provide the foundation for decision-making throughout the process. Whether the objective is to streamline financial processes, enhance customer engagement, or improve supply chain management, having a clear roadmap is essential.
  • Assessing Current Systems and Processes: A critical aspect of pre-implementation is assessing existing systems and processes. This step involves identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas that can be improved through NetSuite. An in-depth analysis provides insights into what needs to change and what can be enhanced to align with NetSuite’s capabilities.
  • Building a NetSuite Implementation Team: Creating a capable and dedicated implementation team is essential. The team should include stakeholders from various departments, IT experts, and representatives who understand the business’s intricacies. Their collective expertise and commitment are vital in driving a successful implementation.
  • Budget Planning and Resource Allocation: Budgeting and allocating resources for the implementation process are crucial steps. It’s essential to determine the financial resources, personnel, and time required to ensure a smooth transition to NetSuite. Effective budget planning ensures that there are no unforeseen financial obstacles during the implementation journey.
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Selecting the Right NetSuite Implementation Partner

Benefits of Partnering with Experts

Partnering with a NetSuite implementation expert brings a multitude of advantages to your project:

  • In-depth Knowledge: Experts have a profound understanding of NetSuite’s capabilities, best practices, and industry-specific requirements, ensuring that your implementation aligns with your business goals.
  • Risk Mitigation: NetSuite experts can anticipate and address potential issues, reducing risks and minimizing disruptions during the implementation
  • Efficiency: Working with an expert partner like Terillium can streamline the implementation, accelerating the time-to-value and ensuring that your organization benefits from NetSuite sooner.
  • Customization: Experts can tailor NetSuite to your specific needs, ensuring it supports your unique processes and requirements.
  • Ongoing Support: A reliable partner provides ongoing support, addressing issues and updates and ensuring that your NetSuite system remains optimized.

Criteria for Choosing the Right NetSuite Implementation Partner

When selecting a NetSuite implementation partner, consider the following criteria:

  • Expertise: Look for a partner with a proven track record of successful NetSuite implementations in your industry.
  • Client References: Request and check client references to gauge their reputation and the quality of their work.
  • Team Competency: Evaluate the expertise of the implementation team, including their certifications and experience.
  • Communication: Effective communication is key; choose a partner who listens to your needs and keeps you informed throughout the project.
  • Alignment with Goals: Ensure the partner aligns with your business goals and can support your long-term strategy.

Terillium’s Expertise in NetSuite implementation

Terillium has over 200 full-time, U.S.-based ERP consultants on our team. Our team’s expertise, along with our proven methodology and project management approach, is a combination businesses can rely on during the Oracle NetSuite implementation process. Using our proven methodology founded in heavy testing and training, we’ve partnered with over 800 companies on ERP software projects.

The NetSuite Implementation Process

The NetSuite implementation process unfolds in a series of carefully orchestrated stages, each playing a vital role in successfully integrating this powerful ERP solution into a business. From the project’s inception through to its post-implementation support, these stages are marked by meticulous planning, customization, data migration, and rigorous testing, culminating in the seamless adoption of NetSuite for enhanced efficiency, streamlined operations, and data-driven decision-making.

Step-by-step breakdown of NetSuite implementation stages

Project Initiation

In the initial stage of NetSuite implementation, the project is started with a clear definition of scope, objectives, and timelines. This step involves assembling the implementation team, defining the roles and responsibilities, and establishing communication channels, ensuring that the project starts on a strong footing.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering is a crucial phase where business needs are carefully documented and analyzed. By engaging with stakeholders across the organization, this stage identifies specific processes, customizations, and configurations that will be necessary to tailor NetSuite to meet the unique requirements of the business, ensuring the software aligns with your company’s goals and processes.

System Design

System design takes the gathered requirements and translates them into a detailed plan. This stage involves designing the architecture of the NetSuite solution, creating workflow diagrams, and determining how the various components of NetSuite will interact to meet your business’s needs, providing a blueprint for the NetSuite implementation project.

Configuration and Customization

During this stage, NetSuite is configured and customized to match the specific business processes. System administrators and NetSuite experts make necessary adjustments, tailoring the software to the organization’s unique requirements, whether that involves configuring financial modules, CRM, e-commerce, or other elements of the platform.

Data Migration

Data migration involves the transfer of existing data from legacy systems to NetSuite. It’s a critical step to ensure that historical data is available within the new system. Data accuracy and security are paramount during this phase to guarantee that business-critical information remains intact and accessible.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Before going live, rigorous testing is conducted to identify and resolve any issues or inconsistencies. This phase includes system testing, user acceptance testing, and quality assurance to validate that NetSuite operates smoothly and aligns with your business’s requirements, minimizing disruptions when it goes live.

Training and Change Management

Training and change management are pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition. It involves preparing employees to use NetSuite effectively, implementing change management strategies, and ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the new system.


The go-live stage marks the moment when NetSuite is officially launched for use. It’s a carefully orchestrated event to ensure minimal disruptions and a seamless transition to the new system. This phase often involves additional testing and support to address any immediate concerns.

Post-Implementation Support & Managed Services

After the system is live, post-implementation support or managed services are critical to address any unforeseen issues, provide ongoing assistance, and optimize NetSuite for the long term. This stage ensures that the benefits of NetSuite are sustained and that the system continues to evolve with the organization’s changing needs.

Watch: NetSuite Implementation Overview (3 min)

Brief overview of NetSuite implementation methodology. Note – the implementation referenced in the video is this NetSuite Case Study.

NetSuite Implementation Success Stories

Terillium has worked with many companies recognizing the tangible benefits of leveraging NetSuite in their business. Whether it’s achieving scalability, improving data visibility, or enhancing customer relationship management, these businesses demonstrate how NetSuite implementation can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

9Round Knocks Out Concerns Over Rapid Company Growth with NetSuite

Terillium led the NetSuite implementation project as an Oracle Platinum Partner and NetSuite Solution Provider. 9Round chose Terillium based on the company’s experience with Oracle ERP and the team’s industry knowledge. The team:

  • Implemented digital business processes to improve user experience
  • Implemented supply and demand forecasting to improve inventory fulfillment
  • Enabled global financial management with NetSuite Advanced Financials and One World
  • Provided better support for existing franchisees and future franchise owners
  • Created an innovative solution for customer journey management

ReelFlyRod Prepares to Reel In Growth with NetSuite Implementation

Terillium implemented NetSuite for ReelFlyRod, enabling modern accounting and inventory processes and future company growth. RF-SMART was also implemented during the project and integrated with NetSuite in order to streamline inventory management. 

The implementation project was less than 150 days. 

New business benefits for ReelFlyRod include: 

  • Modern accrual accounting processes 
  • E-commerce integration between NetSuite and ReelFlyRod’s website 
  • Streamlined 

Decorative Panels International Improves Scalability with NetSuite

Terillium led the NetSuite implementation project as an Oracle Platinum Partner and NetSuite Solution Provider. DPI chose Terillium based on the company’s experience with Oracle ERP and the team’s industry knowledge. The team:

  • Implemented NetSuite at multi-location manufacturer and distributor
  • Reworked and repurposed a NetSuite form to replicate what was required for pricing and item number assigning
  • Implemented work order management and scheduling, production tracking and reporting, costing of production, and advanced BOM
  • Implemented functionality to track inventory levels at consignment locations
  • Eliminated 13 systems and replaced them with NetSuite solutions

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