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Terillium is proud to be a leading NetSuite partner and reseller, offering Oracle NetSuite implementation and support services.

NetSuite Alliance Partner

An Official NetSuite Partner

Why Choose Terillium as Your NetSuite Partner?

Terillium has been in the ERP consulting business for nearly 30 years. During that time our team has led over 800 ERP projects. As a NetSuite partner, our certified consulting team helps with Oracle NetSuite implementations, enhancements, optimizations, and SuiteAssist – a managed services program specifically for NetSuite users.

NetSuite ERP Implementations

We have a five-step, proven methodology for ERP implementations. Our certified NetSuite consultants help businesses plan for a NetSuite implementation including the technical and non-technical aspects of an ERP project, for example:

  • Building the right project team
  • Preparing for change management
  • Converting data
  • System integrations
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Support
  • +More

SuiteAssist – NetSuite Support

We take a different approach to support services. For one, our managed services team is comprised of full-time, U.S. based consultants with many years of experience and ERP expertise.

We also offer flexible contracts and rollover hours. With SuiteAssist, we help businesses with:

  • System assessments, or “health checks”
  • Building custom reports
  • Adding new functionality
  • System optimization
  • Training
  • Special projects

The World's #1 Cloud ERP

There are many reasons NetSuite is a leading enterprise cloud software solution – being the first “real” cloud ERP is one of them. Founded in 1998, NetSuite now has over 36,000+ customers worldwide.

Oracle NetSuite Features

NetSuite has been named a fastest growing financial management system, globally. With over 20 years of experience in cloud software innovation, NetSuite’s enterprise software solution is unparalleled in the market.

NetSuite is a full suite of valuable software tools, and includes applications for: financials, sales (CRM), ecommerce, HCM, inventory management, and more. Organizations can truly run the entire business on NetSuite for an affordable price.

NetSuite is easy to navigate. Assuming a thorough and thought-out implementation, NetSuite offers powerful role-based tools depending on the user’s department and responsibilities. Business reporting is also made easier in NetSuite, especially compared to other solutions.

There’s a difference between reporting and business intelligence. NetSuite’s built-in business intelligence tools provide real-time information on company performance, across every area of the business.

Organizations across many industries around the world run NetSuite. Built with broad capabilities, NetSuite has also been optimized specifically for unique industries including distribution, manufacturing, professional services, high technology, publishing, retail, non-profits and more.

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WATCH: NetSuite Demos for Finance, Operations, Sales & More

Role-Based NetSuite Demos

See more short NetSuite demos.

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Five Reasons Businesses Choose NetSuite

1. Global ERP 

A platform designed for modern business, enabling organizations to manage everything within one system.

2. The best Cloud Platform in the industry

A true Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables unsurpassed flexibility.

3. Unified Data Model

Maximize the use of data to beat competitors and reach business objectives with real-time business intelligence.

4. True Omnichannel Commerce

Put your customers truly at the center of your business. Optimize every touch point.

5. Industry Specifications

NetSuite is a broad solution that has been optimized for key industries with the appropriate functionality, reporting, KPI’s, integrations etc. Meaning quicker implementations and rapid ROI.

Learn More About NetSuite

NetSuite Financial Management

Financial Management

NetSuite’s financial management solution expedites daily transactions, accelerates the financial close, and ensures compliance. NetSuite’s cloud-based platform includes real-time visibility into the financial performance of the organization from a 360-degree global view down to the individual transactions. Thousands of small and midsize businesses rely on NetSuite’s financial tools as their accounting software.

Financial Planning

Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) enables flexibility and collaboration with financial planning and budgeting. Oracle NetSuite PBCS facilitates both company-wide and departmental financial planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting. NetSuite PBCS uses a powerful calculation engine which can accommodate a wide range of business logic with fast in-memory aggregation and instant financial planning analysis and reporting.

NetSuite PBCS offers comprehensive integration with Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint with Smart View for Office. Users can leverage Excel as the environment for adding custom members on the fly, slicing and dicing data and ad-hoc modelling. Common financial planning actions, such as spreading and allocation, are available within planning data grids rendered within Microsoft Excel.

NetSuite Financial Planning
Order Management NetSuite

Order Management

Establish a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfillment with order management in NetSuite. Order management allows you to streamline order processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, preventing errors, and ensuring timely invoicing and payment. NetSuite’s order and billing management capabilities integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams—improving quote accuracy, eliminating billing errors, strengthening revenue recognition processes and driving fulfillment accuracy and efficiency.

Production Management (Manufacturing)

Get your products to market quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world with an end-to-end manufacturing software solution. NetSuite’s production management software enables businesses to run their manufacturing operations efficiently. From sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing, NetSuite’s manufacturing solution provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions.

NetSuite production management
NetSuite Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

How do you manage your supply chain across continents and time zones, and do so within a single software application? NetSuite’s manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management capabilities are all built on the premise that the physical location that a product is made or stored in should be irrelevant to your decision making process—it may add to your lead time, but we let you manage all with ease.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Controlling inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs is essential for success. You’re constantly striving to improve warehouse operations by increasing agility, visibility and labor efficiency. Using best practices combined with a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) that efficiently manages all resources within the distribution operations, while minimizing the total cost of operation or ownership (TCO), is the key to excellence.

NetSuite WMS enables you to manage your distribution operations with customized user defined strategies and advanced capabilities like: device-directed putaway and picking tasks, wave management, cartonization, cycle count planning, real time inventory updates and integration with shipping systems.

NetSuite Warehouse Management
NetSuite Order Management


Purchasing can be a time-consuming and inefficient ordeal, especially when requests for goods and services have to be processed manually using a combination of phone calls, emails, paper catalogs and faxes. NetSuite’s procurement solution helps companies buy goods and services at the best cost and in a timely manner by saving employees’ valuable time with easy-to-use capabilities, reducing costs by channeling purchases to approved suppliers and pre-negotiated contracts, and improving visibility by rendering real-time information into company spend and vendor performance.

NetSuite also streamlines and improves the accuracy of the procure-to-pay process by automating and linking key procurement transactions and providing approval and matching workflows to support internal controls and compliance requirements.

SuitePeople (HR & Human Capital Management)

SuitePeople can help ensure that your most valuable asset – your people – are effective, engaged, and motivated.

NetSuite SuitePeople gives you complete control over core HR processes. SuitePeople empowers Managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single Suite. While also enabling employees by providing them with the ability to request time-off, access employee directories and organization charts, monitor upcoming vacation schedules, monitor new hires, and publicly recognize peers for good work.

Suite People


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