NetSuite SuiteSuccess

SuiteSuccess is a proven approach for a faster NetSuite implementation, following leading best practices in your industry.

Whether you’re looking for help with implementation or ongoing support, Terillium has you covered.  Do you need assistance writing custom reports, optimizing business processes or training? We can help. As a a NetSuite Solutions Provider with more than 25 years of experience working with enterprise resource planning software, our NetSuite support services team is trained to resolve dozens of post go-live issues and execute special projects.

A New Approach to ERP Implementations

What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

SuiteSuccess is a streamlined approach to NetSuite implementations. The methodology includes leading practices based on your industry. SuiteSuccess accelerates your NetSuite ROI while reducing overall business risk often associated with technology projects. On average, businesses that use this proven framework go live on NetSuite in 100 -140 days. This is compared to previous, more traditional frameworks that take closer to an average of nine months to implement.

SuiteSuccess, the Product

When you purchase NetSuite software, you purchase a SuiteSuccess product built for your industry. SuiteSuccess delivers:

  • Pre-configured functionality based on leading practices for your industry
  • Pre-built industry specific reports
  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Pre-built roles, with software set-up based on job functions
  • And more

Unlike other business software, when you purchase NetSuite SuiteSuccess – you don’t open the software to find a blank slate. It’s configured, and populated with tools you can use “out of the box” to transform your business.

SuiteSuccess, the Methodology

As soon as you purchase enterprise software, the clock starts ticking towards the time to recuperate the cost with added business benefits. NetSuite realized it could help customers quicken their time to value by:

  • Taking the knowledge gained from thousands (and thousands) of implementations, and
  • Building industry solutions based on leading best practices

Rather than reinventing the wheel, SuiteSuccess accelerates your organization’s return on investment. The approach is implemented in phases, to incorporate all immediate and future functionality your business needs over time. Starting with what’s most important to your organization on day one.

The Stairway to SuiteSuccess

NetSuite implementations include the following phases. This is a framework that is adaptable and flexible based on your business.


This is the first phase of a NetSuite implementation and encompasses the functionality your business needs from day one. It includes financials, and CRM (customer relationship management) as well as other functions like inventory management and self-service.


During this phase you start to add more functionality. Examples include commerce, procurement management, rebate management, warehouse management, people and payroll management – but it’s really whatever the next priority is for your business.


Building on the processes you’ve already streamlined with NetSuite, during this phase some businesses choose to roll out thing like quality management, financial planning, operations planning, supply chain execution, project and asset management.


NetSuite’s robust platform includes tools to accelerate your business growth even further. Tools include: sales optimization, international expansion, revenue management, project profitability.


Advanced technology tools are capable with NetSuite. The world’s leading companies take advantage of business AI (artificial intelligence), Internet of Things (IoT) technology, mobile and e-commerce, transportation management.

Example of the stairway approach for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

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One of the benefits of the “stairway” approach is the elimination of implementation fatigue. By the end of the Establish phase, you are live on NetSuite. This means you could be operating in the cloud in 100 days – on average, the process is 100 to 140 days – versus nine months, or longer. With a shorter initial implementation, there’s more mental bandwidth for your team to take on additional functionality and optimizations. The stairway provides a better framework to continuously add value to your business through NetSuite functionality.

The modules listed in each phase of the stairway are examples. These phases are populated by you and your team based on your organizations needs, at the beginning of the implementation project.

Tailoring NetSuite to Your Business with SuiteSuccess

In a traditional ERP software selection and implementation process, you’d spend time with multiple software vendors. This includes lengthy interviews and custom software demos. With NetSuite SuiteSuccess, the process starts with an overview of existing demos and process flows that have been created through thousands of successful NetSuite implementations in your industry.

From there, you can identify where there are exceptions for your business. You can then see a custom demo of how that exception is addressed in NetSuite.

During the implementation, the time can be spent on the exceptions that make your business unique. Standard processes like how to pay vendors, how to do journal entries – that functionality is pre-built for your industry in NetSuite. Having this pre-configured gives the implementation team the freedom to focus on what’s unique and the most important to your business.

This approach takes unnecessary time and complexity out of the ERP selection and implementation process.

NetSuite Dashboard

Unmatched “Out of the Box” Business Reporting and UX

Again, in more traditional ERP implementations, reports are often left to the end of the project. Implementation fatigue has set in. For this reason, it’s often not surprising to do a system check a year or two after go live to find very bare bones reporting.

NetSuite’s pre-defined reports are built with industry leading best practices and present data in a useful, sophisticated manner.

The dashboards are not your average ERP dashboards. They are high-quality, with charts and other views that illustrate the business data in a meaningful way.

Having multiple reports and dashboards at your fingertips, from day one with NetSuite is extremely valuable to any business – regardless of industry.


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