The World's #1 Cloud ERP

There is a reason more than 40,000 companies, organizations, and subsidiaries in more than 160 countries use NetSuite. Terillium is proud to be a NetSuite partner, offering NetSuite Cloud ERP implementation services.


The most deployed, most advanced, end-to-end Cloud ERP system in the world

Five Reasons Businesses Choose NetSuite

  1. Global ERP platform designed for modern business
  2. The best Cloud Platform in the industry. A true Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables unsurpassed flexibility
  3. Unified Data Model that allows our customers to maximize their use of their data as a real competitive weapon. With a real-time BI platform that delivers information from the shopfloor to the boardroom
  4. True Omnichannel Commerce. Allows your customer to be truly at the center of your business and automates and optimizes every touch point. This is as an important a solution in modern enterprise as Journal Entry and not a loosely bolted on 3rd party after thought as it is in many solutions
  5. Built for your Industry. NetSuite is a very broad solution, but has been optimized for key industries with the appropriate functionality, reporting, KPI’s, integrations etc. Meaning quicker implementations and rapid ROI.