Notes From Our Team – What We Learned in 2020

Finding the Silver Lining

UPDATE 3/11/22: Today we hit the two year milestone of going into lock down and are taking this chance to look back and reflect.  In what is our “new normal” we have continued to learn lessons, solidified a greater appreciation for  time with family and friends, and adjusted to the flexibility of how we go to work.

While this year has been hard on both people and businesses alike, we found proof that it wasn’t all bad. From finding love to remembering the importance of friends and family, we asked our team to share their positive experiences and lessons from 2020. Read some of their responses as they reflected on one of the strangest years in history.

“I married my lifelong love earlier this year. Also my dog, Frankie, was certified as a therapy dog. He comes into the office with me occasionally and spreads joy to everyone.” – Kisha O’Madden


“This year has taught me how important it is to be adaptable. To put a positive spin on 2020, at least we’ve had many opportunities to practice the art of rolling with the punches!” – Bryanna Bach


“Since I haven’t been able to see friends and family as much as I normally would, 2020 has reinforced how important communication is in maintaining relationships. Also, had video chat not been required as a replacement for in-person meetings, I probably would never have gotten over my fear of being on camera.” – Leah Costello


“This interesting year has truly taught me to appreciate the little things in life. When the plans for the weekend became creating a miniature golf course in the apartment or bowling using toilet paper, I realized what is really most important – spending time with those you love.” – Luke Diggs


“This year I learned that one can go a lot longer without a haircut than one might have thought. Also, spending time with colleagues, friends and family is not something to be taken for granted.” – Laurel Nock


“This year, my wife and I were blessed enough to get a new puppy. While a puppy comes with its own unique challenges, Winnie has been an amazing dog and is learning things so quickly! She is definitely 10/10 a good girl.” – John Adams

This year has been an experience unto itself. As we look forward to 2021, we’re hoping for continued positivity, joyful times with family and friends and a bit more normalcy. Happy holidays from all of us here at Terillium!