"Open for Business" Discount from NetSuite and Terillium

This is an unprecedented time across all industries. While we are taking precautions to protect our employees and our clients, we are still available to help you move forward during this challenging time. Learn more about our special discount program below.

Why Now is Still a Good Time to Move Forward

When business is slow or during times of uncertainty, it can be hard to know how to move forward. We recently outlined the top reasons why now is a good time to implement NetSuite:

  • Business might be slow (more time to dedicate to the project, less disruption to business)
  • Because of this it’s a good time to evaluate processes, consider your priorities, and to test out new technology
  • You can use this period to get prepared for better times
  • There’s opportunity in the current situation, that forward-thinking organization can leverage


There are also financial reasons to implement NetSuite now – learn more about the “Open for Business” discounts from NetSuite and Terillium below.


NetSuite’s 0% Software Financing Option

For a limited time, NetSuite is offering the following financing options to purchase NetSuite software:

  • 0% interest financing
  • 6-month delayed first payment
  • Following payments will be made quarterly


The fine print is that this offer is for contract values of $300,000 or less, and the financing contract cannot exceed 36 months. This offer is for software license fees and doesn’t include implementation costs – that’s where we come in.

Terillium’s “Open for Business” Implementation Discount

We are currently offering a 30% discount on NetSuite implementations. Terillium takes a full consulting methodology approach to ERP implementations. We have perfected our methodology with over 700 implementations through our 25 year history of implementing Oracle solutions.  Our consulting team takes the time to understand your business and then deliver a working system to your team for iterative testing.  We resolve any issues identified in testing until your NetSuite solution works right for you.  We provide custom, onsite or remote training, and go-live support to make sure you and your team are best equipped to run your new Oracle NetSuite ERP system.

Our NetSuite implementation services include:

  • Consultant-led user/role setup, requirements definition, configuration and testing
  • Consultant-led training (not train-the-trainer)
  • Data conversion
  • Onsite or remote go-live support
  • Post go-live support via our SuiteAssist managed services program


Our team often works with clients virtually and is fully equipped for remote implementation services. In 2019, we delivered more than 100,000 hours of remote consulting.

How to Get Started

Contact us for a free consultation and assessment. During our initial consultation and assessment we’ll cover:

  • Your business goals, and how current processes and technology are hindering or helping
  • A review of current technology and system architecture
  • Manual processes that have the potential for automation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Recommendations, bench marking, and a roadmap for moving forward


The assessment will cover specific topics related to finance, accounting and operations, as well as the overall business. We’ll also include timelines and estimated cost for implementing the recommended improvements.

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