Selecting an Oracle ERP System

There are numerous business benefits to choosing an Oracle ERP system. Oracle is a tier-1 provider of business software used by more than 430,000 customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. A Fortune 100 company, Oracle has a strong commitment to continuously improving and advancing its products. Learn more about Oracle ERP software below.

Advantages of ERP

About Oracle ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, streamlines business operations, automating manual processes and ultimately reducing business costs. Oracle’s ERP software – including JD Edwards, Fusion Cloud ERP and NetSuite – offers a solution for nearly every industry and a company of any size. Oracle ERP systems provide one source of truth needed for you to run your company efficiently and profitably. Businesses that implement ERP:

  • Gain access to more accurate analytics
  • Connect previously disparate systems
  • Foster business growth
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce business costs in key areas

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is ERP of the future, today. With a flexible architecture designed to scale inherently and grow with you, this solution lives in the cloud. Your business can rely on its modern user interface for ease of use and training while providing state-of-the-art data security. Fusion Cloud has risen quickly to become a market leader, especially for growing companies in industries such as professional services, financial services, healthcare and insurance, entertainment and higher education.

Oracle cloud applications share data easily between one another, increasing productivity, automation and collaboration. High-level security, insightful analytics, real-time reporting and automation tools are included throughout the software suite. Take the system on the go with mobile capabilities and social collaboration features, which keep users connected but protected. Use integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate manual business processes.

Fusion Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of integrated applications to manage your business. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows you to complete business functions and applications with speed and innovation in a secure cloud environment. Some of these applications include:

Cloud Financials, Oracle fusion ERP Cloud

A complete financial management solution with tools to manage cash management, expenses, accounts payable, accounts receivable, assets and more.

Manage procurement processes such as source-to-pay needs through automation of supplier management, contract management, sourcing management and more.

Oversee your company’s supply chain from end to end, including inventory management, logistics and procurement.

Manage projects digitally from start to finish with seamless collaboration, real-time reporting and more.

Keep your teams on the same page by sharing company reports and plans online, improve your forecasting accuracy with predictive and rolling forecast tools and access updated company data on easy-to-use dashboards.

In general, companies today are on the move to the cloud – eight out of 10 IT professionals and executives trust cloud data security over their on-premise alternatives to protect their data from hardware malfunctions and environmental disasters. In recent years CFOs have also come to prefer cloud technology – read more in CFOs and the Cloud: Three Reasons They’re All In.

Oracle JD Edwards

JD Edwards is a reliable ERP giant and continues to be a solid choice for organizations around the world. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is fully integrated, with a robust selection of modules to elevate your business. This solution prioritizes the user’s experience within its design, is flexible in its structure, can be run on-premise or in the cloud and updates the software with a continuous delivery model for smaller, periodic enhancements.

JD Edwards ERP sports a strong user community, especially in industries that include manufacturing, distribution, construction, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, real estate and more. Some core JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications include:

Streamline finances and improve financial reporting within accounts receivable, fixed asset accounting and more.

Connect front-end sales with back-end operations, streamline order-to-cash, optimize delivery, prioritize orders and more.

Make your processes more efficient by improving customer satisfaction, optimizing resources and more.

Get the most out of your assets through improved maintenance by providing better visibility and the ability to better track your assets’ performance.

Organize project execution from start to finish.

Report and track occupational incidents while working efficiently toward more sustainable business practices.

Manage orders from entry to exit. Optimize inventory stock levels with real-time information, automate shipping paperwork and choose the right carriers to move products.

Use real-time data to meet your customers’ demand, receive alerts and notifications to keep operations on pace, reduce costs and more.

Keep your team up-to-date with real-time reporting capabilities and allow users to design, create, run and share reports.

Personalize your solutions within EnterpriseOne to segment landing pages by role, make user interfaces logical for your company and utilize tools for both technical and non-technical users.

ERP isn’t immune to the push for mobile functionality, and users can download JD Edwards apps from Apple’s App Store and Google Play to take their system on the go.

Even a solution this robust functions in the cloud. Run JD Edwards in the cloud and add other hybrid options to deploy a solution that works for your business.

JDE Financial Management, JDE

Security is key to protecting company data stored in and utilized by JD Edwards’ applications. To ensure the most secure system, create a multilayer security approach. Pair on-premises and hybrid cloud options with identity and access management solutions, end-to-end security and data isolation to develop the right level of security and access to fit your business needs.

EnterpriseOne operates as a SaaS-type model in terms of data security, in which smaller, periodic updates are pushed out to customers rather than a large upgrade. This ensures your system is running the most up-to-date security measures. Security patching for EnterpriseOne can be run in the cloud, which quickly distributes and applies the latest updates. These updates minimize risk and human error.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite was the world’s first real cloud solution for business. More than 18,000 companies, organizations and subsidiaries around the world use NetSuite. With a wide range of tools and applications, you can run your whole business on NetSuite and maximize your company’s performance with built-in business intelligence functions.

NetSuite can be run efficiently across many industries and has been optimized specifically for a number of industries, including distribution, manufacturing, retail, nonprofits and more. Several of the robust tools and applications available to you are:

NetSuite Financial Management

Improve your finances and work toward revenue growth by accelerating your financial close, ensuring compliance and utilizing real-time insights into your performance.

Manage companywide finances as well as departmental budgets in one place for better reporting to accelerate growth.

Streamline order processing from the beginning by ensuring timely invoicing and payment, eliminating billing errors, driving fulfillment accuracy and more.

This end-to-end manufacturing tool streamlines and processes orders with real-time visibility to minimize errors.

Your one-stop-shop to manage your supply chain across multiple warehouses and locations.

Automate your warehouses and manage fulfillment operations by managing all resources in one tool.

Cut costs and save time by streamlining the purchasing process, creating paperless functions and automating manual tasks.

Referred to as SuitePeople, control your core HR processes by streamlining employee information, onboarding, new hires, time-off requests, promotion changes and more from one location.

When choosing an ERP solution, your company’s priorities should be a major factor in the decision-making process. NetSuite is a strong option for companies that are fast-growing and have likely outgrown the host of systems they assembled along the way. For these businesses, NetSuite is an affordable, all-in-the-box integrated solution that provides one location for all business data.

Determine Pricing for an Oracle ERP System

ERP implementation, upgrade or migration projects can be expensive. However, running modern software such as JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or a cloud solution is a vital component to your business’ success. An ERP system is an investment in the longevity and prosperity of your company – simply put, it’s a business decision.

Pricing depends on the Oracle ERP software you choose, and is absolutely an important factor. ERP Cloud and NetSuite are offered as SaaS subscriptions – a monthly cost for as long as your use the software. Oracle JD Edwards has options for financing or buying the software licenses up front. For all ERP products, the number of users affects pricing.

What You Need to Know About Upgrades

While Oracle’s ERP software can be run on a SaaS-type model in which smaller updates are pushed out more frequently, if you’re running an older platform, your company might need to upgrade to continue receiving support. As with a new implementation, Terillium follows a multi-step methodology when upgrading, which begins with planning and choosing your project team, to ensure the smoothest transition for your users.

Companies that already run their business on JD Edwards should consider upgrading to the latest version of EnterpriseOne. While your version is still functional for your business, making the move to the EnterpriseOne ensures you are able to utilize the latest tools and integrations available through Oracle’s continuous delivery system of updates.

ERP Cloud and NetSuite users receive upgrades periodically as Oracle pushes updates to your software through the cloud. Your system is always up to date with the latest features and, most importantly, best security.

Why Oracle ERP?

If your company is outgrowing its current system, your operational needs have evolved, or your business collaboration isn’t what it could be…  it might be time to consider ERP. Oracle continues to be an top vendor of choice. Reasons businesses today choose Oracle ERP:

  • Nucleus Research ERP market leader seven years running
  • Continued investment into products with a research and development budget of more than $5 billion
  • 430,000 customers can’t be wrong
  • Vast user group resources
  • Oracle partner ecosystem

ERP is more than just an IT project – an ERP system is a business tool companies rely on to make business processes more efficient, cut costs and increase revenue. Oracle and Terillium are partners businesses trust to deliver a system that will help them succeed.

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