Oracle Cloud Fusion

Grow your business smarter with the resilience and agility of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

What is Oracle Cloud Fusion?

Oracle Cloud Fusion applications are divided into five software categories: customer relationship management, human capital management, enterprise resource planning, enterprise resource management and supply chain management.

Oracle Fusion Cloud is a SaaS suite of business applications and platforms that are engineered to seamlessly work together to unify data and deliver continuous innovation. This new generation cloud platform embeds services like AI, IoT, and advanced analytics in the fabric of Oracle’s application portfolio. Let’s take a look at each application a little closer.

JD Edwards vs. NetSuite, Terillium

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP allows company decision makers to view real-time and historical data on financials, operational costs, and more from anywhere. With Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, solutions are built on a standard platform that offers personalization within the application. It provides an “upgrade-safe” environment that allows the application to scale with a business to support the latest technologies. Oracle Cloud ERP includes such emerging technologies as AI, IoT, and blockchain.

Utilizing a cloud solution enables reduction of spending for on-site equipment and hardware upgrades, while the new cloud-based applications provide a standards based platform and top-of-the line new technologies like AI.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP offers new digital technologies such as configurable role-based dashboards and social collaboration tools. It seamlessly connects your business, people and processes, bringing your company to the forefront of technology.

Oracle Fusion Financials

Deliver decisive insights into your company’s financial position and profitability with a comprehensive global solution designed for organizations of every size and industry.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials features the Oracle Accounting Hub and establishes an enterprise accounting platform that creates standardized accounting using an enterprise-wide chart of accounts. The application suite provides deep insight into operational results by analyzing financial information from many sources, including ledgers, subledgers, and supporting references.

Benefits of Fusion Financials

  • Automated invoice processing, processing of invoices and payments for multiple business units based on transaction and business unit security rules permissions
  • Intelligent payment discount recommendations
  • Payment processing templates
  • Auto calculation of multiple tax types
  • Auto reconciliation of cash transactions to bank statements
  • Real-time cash forecasts based on Payables, Receivables, Payroll Subledgers and External Transactions
  • Management of entire lifecycle of assets from acquisition to retirement
  • Management of lease lifecycles and payments

Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM

More than ever, the management of successful organizations relies on the critical information obtained from business results and operations. Planning and forecasting needs comprehensive, accurate and consistent data about the most important operational aspects of a business. Organizations that have fully realized this new reality are deploying modern cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions that give them fast access to such vital information—enabling them to be winners in their markets. Modern EPM solutions also enable better insights and make it possible for businesses to find new growth avenues.

Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM Planning helps businesses model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, and streamlines the financial close process helping users to make better decisions.

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) combines proven forecasting algorithms with flexible analytics to anticipate customer demand. It gives you immediate feedback on new products, business segments, and customer behaviors. Upstream and downstream fleet management is more precise with real-time logistical data, enabling constant monitoring of location and condition of inbound materials and customer shipments. Oracle blockchain solutions enable customers to track products through the supply chain on a distributed ledger to increase trust in business transactions.

Customer Experience (CX)

Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) offers a connected suite of applications that goes beyond traditional CRM to help you create, manage, serve, and nurture lasting customer relationships. Oracle’s unified cloud platform provides a complete view of every customer engagement across marketing, commerce, sales and service, finance, supply chain, and HR. Real-time data enables personalized customer experiences and optimized advertising targeting.

Features & Benefits of Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion Cloud offers SaaS application solutions that seamlessly work together to provide real-time data for fast and accurate decision-making while also providing planning, tracking, and customer management abilities that allow your company to move into the future knowing you have the best tools at hand.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Benefits:


Using a secure data isolation architecture in the cloud reduces security risk and enables faster data access and processing.


Oracle Fusion Cloud uses a common framework based on industry standards that allows easy integration with other clouds, on-premise systems and third-party solutions.


This cloud-based system is built on an industry-standard platform that offers customization and personalization right within the online application.


Oracle Fusion Cloud is a complete suite of applications that can be transitioned into all at once, or incrementally. Either way, your best practice business processes are covered.


Fusion Cloud enables easy sharing of enterprise information across operations, business units and headquarters.

Insight-Driven Analysis

Accessible real-time data and analysis gives front-line managers what they need to make timely correct decisions on behalf of the company.

Digital Capabilities

New digital capabilities give on-the-go data access, as well as social communication and collaboration tools to employees.

Oracle is a Tier-1 provider of business software used by more than 430,000 customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. Its Oracle Fusion Cloud application system is the most complete enterprise cloud system on the market and is used by businesses of all sizes. Because of the cloud delivery model and the company’s SaaS development approach, new innovations are embedded directly into the product allowing customers to rapidly deploy them into their organizations.


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