Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Sessions That Will Shape the Future for Your Business

The Oracle OpenWorld Sessions That Will Shape the Future for Your Business

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There is a reason so many Oracle users make the trip to OpenWorld every year – and it’s not (just) because they want to witness the Golden Gate Bridge in person. From October 22-25, OpenWorld offers unparalleled educational opportunities, with over 2,100 educational sessions to choose from. No matter if you are evaluating your move to the cloud, or upgrading your existing systems to the cloud, there’s sessions for everyone.

Executive Tips

  1. Check out the featured speakers list to makes sure you see your favorite entrepreneurs, innovators, and shapers of the future.
  2. Find out how your peers are utilizing advanced technologies and their ERP systems with the Tomorrow’s ERP, Today sessions.
  3. For our JD Edwards users, be sure to scope out the JDE sessions and community events.

To help you navigate the conference, we’ve put together a list of the top sessions not to miss at #oow18. Add any or all of the sessions below by clicking the link to the session catalogue, where you can add sessions to your personal OpenWorld agenda.

Your Cloud Upgrade Roadmap

The Modern Office of the CFO: Shared Tales from On-Premises to the Cloud [CAS5853]

Thomas Borgula // Director – IT Corporate Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Al Marciante // Senior Director, Product Mgmt EPM Apps Cloud, Oracle

Rich Schmitt // Managing Director, Huron Consulting Services LLC

Mercedes Stone // IT Businesss Partner, Washington Gas

Roy Gonzales // Director, Accounting, Dexcom, Inc.

Attend this interactive customer panel to hear who has successfully embarked on their Oracle Cloud journey. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan initially planned to migrate just its on-premises planning to Oracle Cloud and instead decided to expand to improve processes including strategic modeling, financial close, and data management functions across their enterprise, and adopted other Oracle SaaS offerings. Dexcom approached its cloud journey as an opportunity to undergo a financial transformation across its entire ERP and EPM application stack. Its migration of Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle ERP Cloud included financial consolidation and close, account reconciliation, profitability and cost management, and enterprise planning and budgeting.

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Lifting and Shifting JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud [BUS2745]

Divya Singhal, Practice Head, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited

BALA SENTHIL, “Oracle – Strategy, Analyst Relations And Pre-Sales”, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited

Lifting and shifting your enterprise workloads to Oracle Cloud’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the best and fastest way to make your organization more robust to market changes. This is exactly what a global leader of water services did by moving its JD Edwards workload from on-premises to Oracle IaaS. Attend this session to learn more.

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IaaS Transforms JD Edwards Customers [CAS4157]

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager, Quest Oracle Community

David Willis, Director – National Cloud Sales, Denovo Ventures,LLC

Kim Woolum, Account Executive, Quest International Users Group

There are numerous ways a customer can journey to the cloud to transform their existing technology. In this session join a panel of customer as they share their journey of how they “lifted and shifted” their Oracle’s JD Edwards solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to get the best of both worlds.

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Transformational Technologies

Blockchain: A Killer App for Enterprise Digital Transformation [PRO5856]

Atul Mahamuni, Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

Prasen Palvankar, Senior Director, Oracle

Ali Nasim, CEO, Ephlux Private Limited

Blockchain is one of the most discussed innovative technologies in 2018. As we get past the hype of Bitcoin, it’s time to explore the question of what is really driving the Blockchain revolution in enterprises. In this session explore the killer app for the adoption of Blockchain technologies to drive digital transformation, and see a blueprint for a quick implementation.

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5G and the Cloud: Accelerating New Growth Opportunities for Operators [CAS6437]

Andrea Canessa, Global Director Communications Solutions – Industry Solution Group

Eric Mcmurry, Oracle

Kim Bybjerg, CEO, Teleena Nederland B.V.

The future belongs to service providers that can capture the trillions of dollars in digital service opportunities unleashed by the merging of 5G, the cloud, and IT networking technologies. In this session learn how Oracle can enable telecommunications operators to deliver dynamic and intelligent vertical industry applications as and unleash smart city and home consumer services. Learn why a partner with deep 5G, cloud, and IT networking expertise; enterprise ecosystem and vertical application experience; global scale; an innovation track record; and partner and consulting services will be essential for CSP success in this new world.

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Your Autonomous Future

Connect Data, Experiences, Intelligence with Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform Services [PRM4269]

Jon Huang, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

The migration to the cloud and new technologies such as VR, robotics, and Blockchain have generated fundamental shifts in how customers/employees/partners engage with ERP/SCM/HCM/CX applications. Digital enterprises must now meet the new demand for application engagement while maintaining a proliferating footprint of SaaS and on-premises applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle’s PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. A modern innovative cloud platform is paramount for business and IT to deliver differentiated experiences quickly and at lower cost. Join this session to see how companies can benefit from Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform Services to connect data, extend experiences, and gain insight across applications, with AI/machine learning–powered intelligence.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: A Platform and a Path to the Cloud for JD Edwards [CAS4134]

Manish Somani, Oracle

It is no longer a question of if but rather when companies will transition their operations to the cloud. Every CIO, IT operations manager, and developer is being challenged with strategic decision-making in this transformation, and Oracle’s JD Edwards customers are no different. JD Edwards is committed to providing customers with the right set of automation tools with one-click provisioning and services to accelerate your path to the cloud. Join this session to get more insights into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, understand how to transition to the cloud, and learn what tools are available to deploy a complete JD Edwards system in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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10 Keys to Successful Digital Assistant and Chatbot Implementations [TIP5776]

Martin Jarvis, Director Mobile & Bots Product Management , Oracle

Chatbots and digital assistants are hot and emerging technologies, and best practices are still evolving. How will real users interact with a chatbot? What are the differences between chatbots and digital assistants? How to identify the top use cases? How to extract conversational design from LOB stakeholders who may never have interacted with chatbots before? In this session learn how to ensure a successful digital assistant implementation, including how to identify use cases, design top-notch conversational flows, target functionality for your key users, integrate with backend system. Discover the secrets to successful implementations and how you can reap real business benefits.

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Tomorrow’s ERP, Today

Tomorrow’s ERP, Today: The Last Upgrade You’ll Ever Need [BUS3928]

Steve Cox, Group Vice President, Product Marketing, Oracle

They came to the cloud for the cost savings, but they stay for the innovation. That’s the key finding of a new survey of organizations that have implemented cloud ERP and EPM systems. The ability to stay current on the latest technology and best practices ranked #1 on the list of benefits. In this session learn how take advantage of tomorrow’s ERP to innovate today and predict tomorrow. Hear how companies are using the latest emerging technologies and innovations to build the business of the future. And come away with a vision of where your business needs to go to compete, grow, and thrive.

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The Future of Finance and How to Get Ahead of It with Oracle ERP Cloud [BUS3927]

Di Seghposs, Senior Director, ERP EPM Cloud Product Marketing, Oracle

New research from the Wharton School predicts that US GDP could grow by $2 trillion over the next 10 years. This productivity boom will be powered by emerging technologies—AI, machine learning, IoT, and more—and the cloud services that deliver them. In this session learn why CFOs are poised to lead the growth, how new innovations in cloud ERP are driving increased productivity, and how you can position your company to take advantage of the huge opportunities that the future offers.

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Your Cloud Success: Training and End to End Support

Gain the Most Impact from Your Oracle Software Investments [BUS5237]

Jonathan Koop, GVP, Global License and Advisory Services, Oracle

Do you have the visibility, insight, and knowledge you need to effectively align software investments with your business strategy, now and for the long term? What does it mean to be smarter about your software so you can better manage change and strengthen competitive advantage? In this session get an introduction to the transformative approach behind Oracle’s new software investment advisory (SIA) organization. Learn how SIA invests in your success with tailored solutions and industry best practices for optimizing your Oracle environment across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

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