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[SESSION] Outbound Inventory Management for Consignment and VMI

Say Goodbye to Clunky Processes!

One way that customers reduce inventory carrying cost and drive process efficiency is through the use of Consigned and Vendor Managed Inventory. We often end up with clunky and sub-optimal processes to manage this business in JDE. If your business is doing consignment or VMI with customers and you’re not aware of the Outbound Inventory module and what it does, then this session is for you.

During this Session

We’ll look at the basics of configuration and walk through a consignment example from start to finish. Ditch the Excel documents, the proliferation of Branch/Plants, and the angst of trying to reconcile off-site inventory and come see why this module ought to be considered as a solution for these business processes.

Join us for our JD Edwards session during BLUEPRINT 4D. Get ahead of the game with consignment and VMI in JDE and explore the Outbound Inventory module to streamline your processes.


Monday, May 8 | 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM | Coronado D Room

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Meet the Presenter


Bernadette Durham

Director / Solution Architect / SIG Lead at Terillium, Inc.

Bernie is a Solution Architect with 20+ years of JD Edwards implementation experience in both industry and consulting roles. She is head of the Distribution team for Terillium, Inc., and enjoy sharing JDE tidbits with just about anyone.

About Terillium

about Terillium

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