Terillium Partners

We work with a network of industry-leading partners in order to provide the best solutions to Oracle customers.

Oracle, Oracle Partner, Terillium

Oracle Platinum Partner Cloud Standard

Oracle is a Fortune 100 company and tier-1 provider of business software used by more than 430,000 companies worldwide. Oracle enterprise technology offers a wide variety of end-to-end solutions for companies of all sizes, such as JD Edwards, ERP Cloud and NetSuite and include applications that manage supply chain, financials, project management, procurement and more. Businesses implement Oracle solutions to improve business insight, automate manual processes, enhance collaboration and reduce costs. Terillium is an award-winning Oracle partner that specializes in Oracle’s JD Edwards, ERP Cloud and NetSuite solutions.

ALLOut Security Partner, AOS Partner

ALLOut Security

ALLOut are the market-leading security, audit & compliance toolset for JD Edwards, bringing you the enhanced functionality you need, directly in your E1 or World environment. Their mission is to provide cost-effective solutions to simply secure and protect organizations against emerging risks. Their software is easy to install! There’s no need to work with your data outside of JD Edwards, reducing risk & allowing you to maximize existing ERP resource without the need for your team to learn a new system.

Canon Information and Imaging Solutions Partner

Canon Imaging Solutions Division

Canon Imaging Solutions Division, or DISD, is a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. DISD utilizes Canon’s collection of imaging technology and development tools with enterprise applications to deliver market-driven solutions in business process automation, procure-to-pay and order-to-cash automation, inventory management automation, records management and print management.

ComData, Terillium


ComData’s solutions provide streamlined payment processes for businesses that lead to cost reduction and greater generated revenue. Financial services include AP automation offerings such as an integrated payables system, virtual credit card and invoice-to-pay, AR automation, corporate card programs, expense management and more.

Essentio, Terillium


Essentio provides enterprise data management solutions and offer their reliable, cost-effective tools to improve system performance, mitigate risk and achieve and maintain compliance. Their flagship product, Archivist, provides an end-to-end solution that goes beyond archiving data and focuses on data management, compliance, analytics and more. Essentio’s solutions can be integrated with JD Edwards software.

Redfaire International, Terillium

Redfaire International

Redfaire International is a worldwide network of Oracle partner consulting firms based in 22 countries. Customers are able to run and resource international JD Edwards, ERP Cloud, NetSuite and select third-party projects through an experienced and skilled team of experts from around the world. Partners work together to provide customers with best-in-class knowledge, while regularly sharing industry insights and best practices.

ReportsNow, Terillium


ReportsNow is a reporting solution that can be integrated into JD Edwards software. ReportsNow’s tools replace complex reporting processes by creating user-friendly, real-time reports. Companies that use ReportsNow with their JD Edwards software can evaluate their analytics to make informed business decisions.

RF-SMART, Terillium


RF-Smart delivers inventory management solutions for distributors, manufacturers and retailers. Customers can use barcoding, RFID and warehouse intelligence to improve accuracy, productivity and operational efficiency in the warehouse and on the shop floor. RF-Smart’s third-party software integrates with multiple ERP solutions, including JD Edwards and NetSuite.

Tidal Software, Terillium partner

Tidal Software

Tidal Software is a leading provider of enterprise workload automation solutions for orchestrating the execution of complex workflows across systems, applications and IT environments. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Tidal optimizes mission-critical business processes and increases IT cost efficiencies. With dozens of pre-built integrations for enterprise applications, including JD Edwards and other Oracle ERPs and databases, Tidal is rapidly deployed and easy to use.