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Path to 64-bit Planning Workshop

Move into the Future with 64-bit

Oracle has announced they are moving JDE entirely to a 64-bit ERP. Beginning with EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2.5., they will stop releasing updates for the 32-bit version (which most JD Edwards customers are currently using). Instead of getting left behind, empower your organization with a move from 32-bit to 64-bit ERP processing. There’s a lot to gain.

Terillium’s JDE 64-bit workshop is tailored to meet your organization’s needs. This 2 hour planning workshop starts with a short session to better understand your goals and requirements. From there, our instructors will lead you through:

  • What it means to go 64-bit
  • A review of your JDE infrastructure
  • Different project options and paths forward
  • High-level plan to 64-bit


By the end of the workshop you will have our recommended roadmap for your organization with costs and a well-tested plan to successfully move into the future fully optimized with a 64-bit architecture.

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Why Move to 64-bit

Future Proof Your Investment

Adopt future technology and future-proof your environments. Avoid risk of facing hardware and software obsolescence. The move itself to 64-bit is the cost benefit.

Remain Relevant

Vendors of third-party components such as database drivers, which EnterpriseOne requires, may also plan to only provide limited support of 32-bit components.

Adopt Innovative Enhancements

It enables JD Edwards to deliver future product innovation and support newer versions of the required technology stack.

Migrate Through Automation

There is no impact to your business processes or business data. Transitioning to 64-bit processing is a technical uplift that is managed with the JD Edwards tools Foundation.

A Word From Oracle

The enablement of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for 64-bit with Tools Release 9.2.3 allows customers to continue their digital journey while future-proofing their investment in JD Edwards.
Lyle Ekdahl
Senior Vice President JD Edwards for Oracle

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