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[WORKSHOP] Practical Framework to Improve Project Accountability and Delivery

Driving Project Success through Change-Based Governance

Project overrides and failure can be attributed to poor alignment and governance. In order to achieve “Realization” outcomes rather than just “Installation” outcomes, a change-based project governance approach is necessary.

Based on behavioral analytics, organizational psychology, proven methodologies, and years of project leadership experience, this workshop is designed for any team looking to start a significant initiative, or just wants to get their project “back on track”.

During this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Identifying key fail-points in projects that compromise success
  • Providing a dynamic playbook to shift the paradigm in delivering projects and technology change on purpose
  • Behavioral analytics and organizational psychology that can help in implementing a change-based governance approach
  • Proven methodologies and years of project leadership experience to help teams start significant initiatives or get their projects “back on track”


Join us for our Change Management Workshop during BLUEPRINT 4D and learn how to structure and command a change-based project governance approach to gain greater control over scope, churn, and meeting expectations.


Wed., May 10 | 9:00 am – 11:00 am | Senator's Lecture Hall

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Meet the Presenter

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Tom Colbert

Dir Organizational Change Management at Terillium, Inc.

Tom is the Director of Organizational Change Management at Terillium. With his background in Clinical & Behavioral Psychology and Organizational dynamics, he’s developed OCM services for 25 years. As systems move to the Cloud, he brings a behavioral approach to the OCM methodology.

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