What You Need to Know About Quest JDE INFOCUS Envision

JD Edwards Conference: INFOCUS Envision

It’s safe to say virtual event formats are going to stay for awhile. This year, INFOCUS is leveling up and will be a two-part series to not only help manage change within your organization but to aid in adapting to your future.

With the all new, all digital, and all JD Edwards conferences, we imagine you have questions. We spoke with Christina Yue, Customer Learning Senior Manager from Quest Oracle Community, for some behind-the-scenes information on INFOCUS 2021.

There are two virtual JD Edwards conferences this year. Can you tell us more about the two, especially INFOCUS Envision taking place in April 2021?

This is a great question! As Quest Oracle Community looked at the year, we wanted to make sure we provided the same level of education and networking opportunities in 2021 that we have throughout our past 25 years with JD Edwards. So, we created a brand new two-part INFOCUS virtual conference series.

INFOCUS Envision

JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision, April 12 – 15th, is where you can plan for the future. IT leaders, decision makers and end users will come together to learn about what’s coming from JD Edwards, which product extensions to consider, cloud adoption strategies, and how to leverage technology investments to drive their business forward.

INFOCUS Envision is made up of 150+ education and networking opportunities over four days covering financials, human capital management, manufacturing and distribution and hot topics like continuous adoption, user experience, digital transformation, simplify and automate, and journey to the cloud. We are bringing back our popular session formats from the fall with insight talks, panels and roundtable discussion, and special interest groups, as well as flexible timing with a variety of session lengths.

In addition to the education that we will be providing, I am excited about our networking opportunities! Our coffee and connect sessions are back – allowing attendees to kick off the day with an informal conversation with users just like them. We’ve improved on the attendee matches (aka speed dating for networking) and will be launching networking lounges where people can pop in and out throughout the day to see and talk to others.

We have also launched extended hours to engage with our community that lives outside North America. Not only will they have access to on-demand recordings minutes after sessions end, but they will also be able to participate in live sessions and networking opportunities.

Of course, I can’t leave out our exhibitor showcase that will provide an opportunity for our customers to chat with solution providers in their interactive virtual exhibits, like you all! It’s looking to be the largest virtual exhibitor showcase we’ve been able to put together, which will allow our attendees to speak and interact with solution providers all at once from the convenience of their desk.


Later this year, we will have INFOCUS Dive Deep from October 18 – 21st, where you will get hands on and continue to learn how to build your skills and expand your knowledge to have an impact. This is the event that will allow you to dive deep into practical learning, dig into new releases, and hone your JD Edwards skills. Both events will be on a virtual event platform that will allow for an extensive education and networking program right from your desk.

We are still working out all the finer details for INFOCUS Dive Deep, but I can tell you that you can expect our team to continue to improve and provide the best virtual experience for our JD Edwards community, and we are excited to share more details in a few months.

How does registration work?

The Individual Pass

We have tried to make registration easy for our community as well as budget friendly. We have three main passes, one of which is an individual pass that allows you to attend as an individual and have full access to the event, starting at $279.

The Corporate Pass

We’ve also brought back our most popular pass, the corporate pass, which allows you to bring the whole team (aka unlimited employees access to four full days of conference programming) at one low price starting at $1,800. This pricing allows folks from areas of the company, that would not typically be able to attend, the opportunity to be involved. It really gives everyone at the company a front row seat to what’s coming and a platform to network with other organizations.

The Corporate Pass Bundle

Since we have this conference series, we are also offering a bundle pricing in which you can buy early and receive corporate passes to both INFOCUS Envision and INFOCUS Dive Deep for up to 20% off. This is another great opportunity to get your teams involved and save! You will also see that, with our extended hours, we have launched international attendee global rates.

What can attendees look forward to?

When I look at our overall programming and event, I am most excited about bringing a full digital event to our community that we feel aligns with what our in-person events have always brought. We spent a lot of time listening to and researching what our community would like to see, and we repeatedly heard the need for more networking opportunities.

I believe we have created some great opportunities to recreate the hallway and lunch conversations, — the idea that you might just sit next to or run into someone and find a connection. Networking is such an important part of events and building skills because you don’t know what you don’t know until someone tells you. We are excited to provide many opportunities to allow attendees to connect, chat, and learn from each other.

What’s new?

At INFOCUS Envision, you will see that we have reformatted the agenda to create exclusive networking hours because even though networking is important, it was hard for many people to choose networking over education. So, this will help attendees not have to choose and be able to get the best of both worlds.

We will be launching new functionality for the first time in our virtual platform for our networking lounges, which as I mentioned before, allow attendees to join throughout the event to chat with other attendees. We expect that these will be used to continue conversations from sessions, and they will allow attendees to drop in to see who is in the room and what conversations might be happening.

You will also see a lot more roundtables, ask me anything / question and answer style sessions throughout the event. These aren’t exactly new to the programming, but there is a larger effort around this.

What’s a can’t miss?

All of it! It’s going to be the place that all JD Edwards community members will be at, so nobody wants to be left on the side having FOMO. All kidding aside, there is plenty that you won’t want to miss, but one thing that I find valuable when I am attending events is the Exhibitor Showcase.

Quest takes the work out for customers by taking the time to do research and find all the vendors and partners to the community and bring them together in one convenient location. The vendors and partners always do a great job in building out their booths, providing resources and subject matter experts, demos, and more to help get customers questions answered. It’s a great place to explore what products and services are out there and a chance to get advice from experts that are helping the customer community be successful with JD Edwards.

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An Interview with Christina Yue, Customer Learning Senior Manager from Quest Oracle Community