Remote Consulting Services for Oracle ERP

This is an unprecedented time across all industries. While we are taking precautions to protect our employees and our clients, we are still available to help you move forward during this challenging time. Learn more about our remote consulting services.

Terillium Virtual Services

As you may be aware, our team often works with clients virtually and is equipped to work remotely. In 2019, we delivered more than 100,000 hours of remote consulting. Below is information on the people, processes, and technology we have in place.

Communication Tools

How we deliver on projects – our proven consulting methodology – hasn’t changed. What has changed for projects that were previously on-site is how we’ll communicate and collaborate. We have virtual tools and technology in place, including:

  • Project management tools
  • Virtual communication tools for video conferencing and online chat
  • Online collaboration and project repository system
  • Cyber security technology


We have experience executing events which require a high degree of collaboration remotely using these tools. This includes the following virtual capabilities:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Process design and testing
  • Conference room piloting
  • User acceptance testing
  • Training
  • And more

Flexible Consulting

Our consulting team is flexible and can execute our methodology either in-person, remotely, or a on a semi-remote basis.

  • We can work with your priorities and budgets as they may be changing
  • We can also help you identify opportunities for how to move forward during this confusing time

Remote Processes

We have more in-depth information on our remote consulting processes, below is high-level information on what you can expect.

  • A set schedule where consultants are devoted to your project and available at all times
  • Daily status and planning meetings
  • Flexibility and reliability – a remote team you can trust

The Upside of Remote Consulting Services

Despite the challenges we are all currently facing, there are a few upsides to consider:

  • We can still move forward with implementing technology and mission critical process improvements for your business
  • There is opportunity in the current climate to leverage down time and business disruption to move forward with projects that are important to your organization
  • Remote consulting can result in 15% savings or more, when you remove travel costs

Oracle’s Commitment

Oracle has released information regarding their robust business continuity management program, and addressed frequently asked questions. Learn more.

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