Terillium Educational Sessions at JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision

Our Sessions at JDE INFOCUS Envision

Join us virtually April 12-15 for the all new, all digital, and all JD Edwards conference – INFOCUS Envision. A lot has changed both in the world and with the JD Edwards product. Let us help leverage your JDE investment and plan for the future by finding creative and innovative ways to meet your organization’s needs.

This year at JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision, we will be hosting 11 sessions (including two workshops) on multiple JDE topics. To help you navigate the conference, we’ve put together a list of all our sessions at the INFOCUS event.

Add any or all of the sessions to your agenda by clicking the “Add to Calendar” dropdown bar and selecting your calendar preference. You can also bookmark each session within the INFOCUS Envision agenda builder. We look forward to you joining us!

1. Workshop | Utilizing Orchestrator for Manufacturing – Leverage the Power of JD Edwards Orchestrator

Bryan Rose, Manufacturing Team Leader at Terillium, Inc.

Monday, April 12 | 11:00am – 1:20pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-102540

JD Edwards Manufacturing Deep Dive Workshop broken up into two 90-minute sessions focused on popular JD Edwards Orchestrator manufacturing topics:

  1. Creating a Simple Shop Floor Interface for End Users – Creating a simple & intuitive shop floor user interface is key to enable easy navigation inside of JD Edwards for shop floor users. In this session, you will learn to easily create a shop floor interface which includes function such as clock in/out, material issues, work order completions and more. All of these features are created leveraging the new UX One tools.
  2. Enhancing Resource Scheduling with Orchestrator – Are you having issues scheduling your facility due to capacity reasons? In this session you will learn how to enhance the JDE capacity planning module leverage the JD Edwards Orchestrator and how it can help get your production line within your specific capacity constraints.

2. Workshop | JD Edwards: The Future is Bright

Dan Barford, Vice President at Terillium, Inc.

Jason Batte, Vice President of Technology at Terillium, Inc.

Tom Colbert, Dir Organizational Change Management at Terillium, Inc.

Monday, April 12 | 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-103130

A lot has changed with the JD Edwards product over the past five years, and a lot has stayed the same. Since the initial announcement of EnterpriseOne 9.2, the Oracle JD Edwards team continues to deliver a great product under a continuous adoption model with new features and enhancements released regularly throughout the year. At the same time, Oracle’s cloud application offerings have continued to evolve and mature into best-in-class software solutions. So, where do we go from here? The good news is, there are many win-win options for organizations running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

3. Shop Floor IOT Integration Made Simple!

Bryan Rose, Manufacturing Team Leader at Terillium, Inc.

Tuesday, April 13 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-102530

In this session learn how you can leverage the new JDE Orchestrator to create a smart process directly connecting devices such as mobile scanners or weight skills to JDE with minimal effort. After this session you will be able to understand some easy manufacturing IOT wins and how to decrease the number of manual entries that are done on the shop floor.

4. Introduction to EDI for Sales Order Management

Bernadette Dannemiller, Solution Architect at Terillium, Inc.

Tuesday, April 13 | 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-101800

EDI provides one of the most accessible efficiency gains in the area of Sales Order Processing, and yet many companies are hesitant to consider implementing because they don’t know where to start. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of how to get started on EDI processing, focusing on inbound purchase order processing (Inbound 850) and outbound invoices (outbound 810). The session will also include foundational setups for generating Advanced Ship Notices (outbound 856).

5. Shipping Orchestrator for the non-technical Business Analyst or Consultant

Kristin Fury, Senior Distribution Consultant at Terillium, Inc.

Wednesday, April 14 | 1:15 pm – 1:45pm EST

Orchestrator example to notify when all sales lines for a shipment are at a certain status.

6. Distribution "Tips and Tricks" from Implementation Consultants

Bernadette Dannemiller, Solution Architect at Terillium, Inc.

Wednesday, April 14 | 3:15pm – 4:15pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-101820

Part of being a JD Edwards Applications Consultant is finding innovative and creative ways to meet business requirements with unmodified software. That means we tend to dig into corners of the system that gather dust most of the time, and we try to make applications work a little differently than they were designed to do. Along the way, we trip over all kinds of unexpected quirks and “features” in the system. In this session I’ll be sharing the some of the “Tips and Tricks” shared within the Distribution SIG at Terillium, Inc.. This will include applications that aren’t on menus, ways to use standard features to do something entirely outside the intended functionality., and other cool “did you know that…” tidbits. Content will be focused primarily on Sales Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Procurement, Inventory Management and Transportation.

7. Pathway to The Cloud: Assessing Your 3D Readiness

Tom Colbert, Dir Organizational Change Management at Terillium, Inc.

Cameron Copper, Senior Distribution consultant at Terillium, Inc.

Wednesday, April 14 | 6:15pm – 7:15pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-100950

With the multitude of options facing an ERP Cloud decision, a single blueprint will not carve the path to success. Too many options, yet no clear path? Making sense of where your organization’s footprint should start with a 3D Cloud Readiness Assessment that addresses the multi-faceted needs of your business. This session will detail an objective Readiness Assessment of the three integral dimensions (3D) necessary to fully understand your organization’s needs, and help you make informed decisions. Spanning Functional/Business Needs, Technical Design and Competencies, and Organizational Attributes and Change Risks, participants will discover which ERP model best fits and receive a customized Pathway to The Cloud report

8. A Leaders Guide to Governing Continuous Adoption and Cloud Transformation: The End Game

Tom Colbert, Dir Organizational Change Management at Terillium, Inc.

Thursday, April 15 | 8:00 am – 9:00pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-100900

One of the most important factors in the success of any Cloud technology or business transformation is purposefully creating a behaviorally directive environment and set of organizational riggers. However, if not established with the end game in mind, things can (and will) derail rapidly. This session will tackle the key fail-points that are often ignored that compromise project success, as well as provide a dynamic guidebook for re-wiring your organization and project teams to lead rapid change and adoption. Based on behavioral analytics, organizational/systems psychology, and 30+ years of leadership experience, the focus will be on proven behavioral methodologies and their direct application.

9. The Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Project to Success

Dan Barford, Vice President at Terillium, Inc.

Thursday, April 15 | 11:00am – 12:00pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-102570

Ok, so you’ve decided to take on a major project within your EnterpriseOne environment. Whether it’s an upgrade, a new module or a major overhaul you must apply these guidelines to ensure success. Forget about best practices, you need real, practical techniques that involve the entire project team. During this session, we will discuss the 5 most important principles of managing your project, how to apply them to any size / scope and how they were effectively leveraged on a real (and very successful) EnterpriseOne upgrade project. In addition to the things you should be doing on your project, we will highlight some key things that your Project Manager should NOT be doing.

10. Back to the Future: Direct World Migration to E1 9.2 and Beyond

Jason Batte, Vice President of Technology at Terillium, Inc.

Thursday, April 15 | 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-100760

Tried and True, Big Blue has been great, reliable, powerful and always up to the task of your Enterprise. Now upgrade to E1 9.2 with proven processes to bring old reliable to the future E1 9.2 using a multi-tier, distributed architecture, based on Big Blue, but with future tech like html user interface, built-in and 3rd Party integration points, many seemless software partners to allow best of breed tools that tap right into your Big Blue foundation. We can help bring you forward, using JDE tools and proven processes with a seemless migration to E1 9.2.

11. Achieve Automated Testing using Orchestrator's Assertion Framework

Bryan Surface, Director - ERP Technologies at Terillium, Inc.

Thursday, April 15 | 2:15pm – 3:15pm EST

Session ID: 2021JDEENV-102350

How to leverage Orchestrator’s assertion framework to simplify and automate system testing for your next upgrade, tools upgrade, or implementation. Create customized testing scripts that can be run with a click of a button and produce pass/fail results in seconds instead of minutes or hours of manual testing.

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