Top 10 Sessions To Attend at COLLABORATE 2019

Top 10 Sessions at C19

There is a reason so many Oracle users make the trip to COLLABORATE – and it’s not (just) to see the fantastic views of the historic San Antonio River Walk. COLLABORATE offers unparalleled educational opportunities, with over 1000 educational sessions exploring Oracle applications.

To help customers navigate the full conference, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 sessions not to miss at COLLABORATE19. Add any or all of the sessions below by clicking the link to the COLLABORATE app, where you can add sessions to your personal COLLABORATE schedule.

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JD Edwards Keynote

Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President Product Development at Oracle

Digital technologies are creating connected; agile and real-time businesses. JD Edwards customer innovation creates exceptional customer experiences and improved operational efficiency. Join Lyle Ekdahl to see how JD Edwards empowers your organization to thrive in the business reality of a digital economy.


Tackle complex topics with these intensive, information-packed optional half-day workshops. Pre-registration is required, and is available when you register for COLLABORATE. We are excited to hosting 2 JDE deep dive workshops covering both manufacturing and distribution topics. If you’ve already registered, email to add or register through your MyConference Portal. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Collaborate 19 Keynote: Be the Leader You Were Meant to be, Monday to Monday

Stacey Hanke, Author, Speaker and Communications Expert

Stacey Hanke helps thousands of individuals eliminate the static that plagues communicative delivery — to persuade, sell, influence and communicate face-to-face with a clear message. Through her books and appearance, she has trained over 15,000 people to rid themselves of bad body language habits and choose words wisely.

Eriez Manufacturing World To EnterpriseOne Migration - Decision To Stay with JDE

Jason Batte, Vice President of Technology
Daniel Ester, JD Edwards ERP Administrator at Eriez

Like many JDE World customers; Eriez went through a process to evaluate their ERP and compare JDE with other Tier 1 products out there including SAP and Oracle Cloud this past year. Eriez chose JDE as their long term ERP platform and has decided to Migratoin from JDE World to JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 and move off the iSeries.

Cloud 2020: Where We’re Going from Here

Chris Garrity, Vice President at Terillium
Richard Sides, COO at Ultra Consultants

Just like that, the year 2020 is around the corner. Before we get there, Terillium is bringing the unique “TED Talk” style to COLLABORATE19. Through three concise talks, this super session will cover emerging cloud ERP trends, top 3 considerations for your cloud strategy, as well as a real-life case study.

From practical tips on cost, security and modern ERP capabilities – to a discussion on the future, where your interaction with ERP will involve less typing and more voice commands. We’ll cover AI and the imminent implications for the Oracle community as far as machine learning, IoT, and what the future of ERP holds.

5 Things to avoid if you're moving your supply chain to the Cloud

Brian Mentel, Oracle Cloud Practice Director RF-SMART Enterprise Mobile Solutions

The truth: Some Cloud migrations go really well; some do not; and there is a huge mix of both in between. Having worked with nearly 50 customers as they have made the move to Oracle SCM Cloud; we’ve seen the different challenges that Cloud brings with it. Join this session to learn the common mistakes companies have made – and the lessons learned to make sure you don’t repeat them.

Working with User Defined Web Objects (UDOs) in EnterpriseOne Doesn't Have to be Rocket Science!

Linda Nelson, Senior Pre-Sales Director at ALLOut Security

Using EnterpriseOne has never been easier than now with the new tools available with User Defined Web Objects (UDOs) and even UX1. UDOs are web objects that streamline your interface with E1 information and applications. What do you need to know in working with them? How do you go about granting permissions quickly and easily to put these tools in the hands of the right users? Let us walk you through options of what you will need to know to implement them successfully.

World Migrations Made Easier using Cloud Solutions

Rick Minter, Director of IT for APLIX Inc.
Linda O'Donnell, Associate Vice President Global Accounts at Redfaire International

A World migration to JDE 9.2 can seem overwhelming. Since a migration requires a complete change in the technology foundation and architecture; some companies have pushed this effort to the back burner. Using Redfaire International’s CLOUD9 solutions that included Oracle IAAS and Oracle Data Centers; the migration to EnterpriseOne 9.2 became much simpler and saved our organization significant IT spend. Additionally; Redfaire International’s CLOUD9 removed the complexity of managing the infrastructure internally after go live. This session will help you understand the key areas of consideration to manage a successful World Migration and taking your solution to the Cloud using Oracle IAAS and Redfaire International CLOUD9 solutions. We will present our Migration Case study and examine the process to execute a successful move to the latest version of JDE in a hosted cloud environment.

About Mentorship - Why not only having; but also being a mentor is vital to a successful career

Bart Dix, Key Account Director Redfaire International

During this session you will learn how not only having a mentor; but also being a mentor has helped me grow as an individual. I will discuss the benefits of the sessions between me and my mentor and how those have benefited my career. I will explain the energy I get from being a mentor myself to young graduates. The session ends with 5 practical tips to find your own mentor or to find your own trainee.

Orchestrating your Enhancement Requests

Paul Houtkooper, Senior Director JDE Development at Oracle
AJ Schifano, Product Manager at Oracle-JD Edwards
Darryl Shakespeare, Senior Director, Product Development at Oracle

Digital business happens fast; and your technology tools need to deliver solutions just as fast. You request enhancements to the EnterpriseOne product team; we’ve heard them: – ”My customers want to be notified whenever their order status changes.” – ”This process has too many forms to fill out. Make it simpler.” – ”I need to repeat this transaction for every row in my spreadsheet.”In previous conferences you’ve heard Lyle Ekdahl’s challenge: ”You make it happen.” In this session we will explore how you can use the EnterpriseOne digital platform to fuel your own continuous innovation with agile; low-code solutions.

BONUS SESSION | KEYNOTE: Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived. You're Fired!

Dennis Amorosano, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

The office of the future is already here; with increasingly intelligent processes and with capabilities that open entirely new realms of automation and process improvement. How is artificial intelligence already being used in office and business functions; such as those tied to your Oracle JDE; PeopleSoft; EBS; or Cloud systems? What will it affect next?Join the keynote session by Canon; leader in digital imaging solutions; to hear us share our experience with applying AI and machine learning technologies to business and document processes for our clients. With several real-life use case stories; we will show practical examples of challenges that can be solved with smart technologies; benefits and ROI of AI based solutions; and the impressive new possibilities to transform operations; minimize risks; and support business decisions. Join us to see real-life examples of processes powered by AI in Finance & Accounting; Procurement; Quality Control; Service & Support; Legal; and more.