Using Oracle Cloud to Improve Customer Satisfaction: Webinar Recap

Using Oracle Cloud to Improve Customer Satisfaction: Webinar Recap

Discover What You Missed During our Recent Webinar with Ultra Consultants, Addressing the Challenges of Inventory Allocation and How to Achieve Good Customer Service.

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The ability to keep up with the unprecedented pace of business change – implementing the most up-to-date best practices and innovations on a regular basis – is something fairly new. By following best practices, businesses gain greater insight into what’s necessary to remain competitive and, ultimately, what keeps your customers (happy).

During the webinar, we asked our audience where they were in terms of modern systems. According to the results, 86% do not have up-to-date systems and are currently involved in modernizing their ERP system. Does this sound familiar? Learn more below.

The Challenge: Achieving Customer Satisfaction

Industry studies have shown that a single company typically has four to five systems for order capture and a similar number for order fulfillment. Companies that grow through mergers and acquisitions tend to end up with a patchwork of ERP systems, all with different processes and rules for handling orders, and providing no single view or control.

It’s only getting more complicated. Many companies sell both directly and indirectly, making it difficult to orchestrate orders efficiently across channels. Businesses with intricate supply chains that outsource all or part of their order fulfillment operations become saddled with complex order management ecosystems. This results in many concerns:

  • How do I prioritize fulfilling my top customers’ orders?
  • From which locations do we ship the orders?
  • How do we balance time efficiency (and track costs)?
  • How do we accurately allocate inventory?

What is Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud?

Oracle ERP Cloud is a full solution for modern business technology. An adaptable SaaS application design allows for addition of new innovations and features while maintaining security. ERP Cloud includes a suite of cloud applications for:


Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the cloud solution that helps enterprises innovate their supply chain processes to scale growth quickly. Oracle SCM automates your operations for:

  • Inventory and cost management
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Product data management
  • Logistics
  • Order management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Supply chain planning

Using Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud for Modern Order Management

You know improving internal business processes helps companies save on costs with higher efficiency and increased productivity. You also know developing business processes helps improve customer satisfaction. Oracle Supply Chain Management:

  • Supports today’s dynamic, distributed enterprises
  • Coexists with customers’ existing investments in enterprise applications
  • Offers users a more productive user experience

Solving Order Management Challenges with Oracle Cloud’s Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Ensure customer satisfaction with:

  • Delivery dates or other term settings that can be easily customized for complex orders
  • Cross-channel commerce – buy on the web, pick up in-store, etc.
  • Unified order fulfillment across all channels
  • Sophisticated tools to satisfy demand

How can Cloud Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO) Help You Better Manage Your Supply Chain?

  • Defines order policies and how to handle each order line.
  • Has flexible workflow processes that execute each step in order of the line’s lifecycle.
  • Planning features that have proven to be powerful in improving customer satisfaction.
  • Order processes are isolated from system interfaces, which allows add/change channels with minimal impact.

Using Cloud Global Order Promising (GOP) for Optimized Delivery Across all Supply Sources  

Having accurate delivery dates for orders is paramount for customer satisfaction. Oracle SCM Cloud allows you to maximize the profitability of fulfillment operations:

  • Select the lowest cost source and delivery method that meets service expectations
  • Simulate and reprioritize orders to deal with changing conditions
  • Provide customers the option to enable real-time fulfillment optimization

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Cloud Global Order Promising also:

  • Includes all sources of supply in your orders.
  • Adds dynamics to your simulations.
  • Sets cost and/or service delivery policies.
  • Varies allocation and promising policies for “hot” items and real-world opportunities.

Bringing it all Together

As supply chains become more complex and dynamic, businesses can use one single view of demand. Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud enables better order fulfillment processes, delivery promising, order planning and more to better serve your customers. With Oracle’s modern ERP solutions, you can improve customer satisfaction through better delivery performance and reduce the time required to locate, investigate and recover from order processing errors.

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