Why Fast-Growing Businesses Choose NetSuite


More than 36,000+ organizations can’t be wrong

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As growing businesses expand, technology is often purchased quickly and in pieces. This results in a mélange of different software solutions that manage different parts of the business. A company might use one tool for finance and accounting, another for inventory and yet another for customer relationship management.

These solutions are usually siloed, and disconnected. The result is a lack of accurate visibility into important company data. This can cause many setbacks, including lost revenue. According to the International Data Corporation, businesses lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue each year due to inefficiencies.

Business owners have to consider several factors when choosing new enterprise software that will not only help them expand but will also evolve with them. While there are plenty of products on the market with features that can help the owner of a fast-growing company, NetSuite addresses key requirements, such as:

  • One software solution for the entire business
  • Affordability – making it easier to see a fast ROI

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As operations grow, software that seemed sufficient before could now be holding your business back. Maybe you’re receiving plenty of online orders through your web storefront, but you’re always out of stock because the system that maintains orders isn’t integrated to project accurate inventory needs. You need those two systems to “talk,” but they don’t.

NetSuite’s “all-in-the-box” structure is a complete solution for the entire business. NetSuite comes with everything you need to efficiently manage operations while providing an overall view of how the company is performing. It becomes one source of truth that any business owner can use to maintain a trajectory of growth.



Growing companies don’t often have a lot of time and money to put into a new enterprise software. NetSuite lessens the barrier by providing a solution that is affordable, and possible to implement in a few months.

More than 36,000+ businesses around the world use NetSuite for their fast-growing businesses because it provides an uncomplicated but robust system at a much lower cost. It’s designed with the growing business in mind.

Much of the cost of a traditional ERP system is internal servers – NetSuite is cloud-based, which eliminates the need for hardware and an in-house IT team. In addition, traditional ERP systems can take more than a year to implement – on average, NetSuite takes a few months.

“I tell business owners to pick an ERP system that not only fits them today but will also fit them throughout the course of 10 to 20 years,” said Steve May, vice president and NetSuite practice lead for Terillium. “You don’t want to have to do this again. Pick something you can grow into that has additional functionality you might not need today but potentially will want later.”