Churchill Downs Integrates Oracle Sales Cloud as Part of Digital Transformation Strategy

Churchill Downs Integrates Oracle Sales Cloud as Part of Digital Transformation Strategy

Churchill Downs, which conducts thoroughbred horse racing in Louisville, Ky., chose Oracle Sales Cloud as part of its digital transformation strategy

The Client

Thoroughbred racing, the Kentucky Derby, and the Kentucky Oaks have run continuously at Churchill Downs Racetrack since 1875. A unique sports venue usually equated with history and tradition, in recent years Churchill Downs has transformed how employees and customers interact with their brand by integrating new technology into almost every area of the business.

Churchill Downs strategic use of technology stems from the business’ commitment to customer service. When the unique sports entertainment business realized the sales team was not using its current Customer Relationship Management system, they decided to move to a new CRM that better suited Churchill Downs needs.

Churchill Downs needed a CRM system to:

  • Meet the unique demands of a horse race track business
  • Accurately track leads and sales opportunities
  • Be a trusted single source of information
  • Integrate with Ticketmaster
  • Help the sales and events teams provide better customer service

The leadership at Churchill Downs chose Terillium to implement Oracle Sales Cloud CRM to replace the existing Salesforce system.

The Challenge

Terillium’s mission was to deliver on all of the needs listed above, and:

  • Implement Oracles Sales Cloud CRM
  • Enable a more proactive selling process for Churchill Downs
  • Train sales users on Sales Cloud CRM to ensure end-user adoption

Our Solution

In less than 90 days, Terillium was able to help the company implement Oracle Sales Cloud, a flexible system to meet the unique needs of the enterprise – including an important integration with Ticketmaster. This led to better communication between the sales and events teams, and a better customer experience. Sales and events employees now have better data and insights into buying behavior and other trends, and can create a better overall experience for their customers.

Churchill Downs now has a CRM system that is much easier for the sales team to use and expects to increase revenue significantly as a result. Through the project Churchill Downs has also streamlined many internal processes which will result in cost and time savings.

Integrated SystemAs a sports venue with specific needs, Churchill Downs needed Oracle Sales Cloud to integrate with specific functions, such as working with Ticketmaster
Improved CommunicationChurchill Downs integrated many of its necessary functions, which improved communication between multiple internal teams
Better DataIncreased communication between the sales and events teams led to better data and insights into buying behavior and other trends
IndustrySports, Entertainment, Horse Racing
ProductsOracle Sales Cloud: Account Management, Contact Management, Outlook Integration, Opportunity Management, Product Catalog, Quota Management, Sales Cloud Mobile, Sales Stages and Methodology