Delivering a Successful JDE Upgrade

Upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their JDE upgrade. Learn more about what’s new with JDE EnterpriseOne, and how to start planning for your JDE upgrade below.

Your JDE Upgrade Partner

Terillium is a global leader in Oracle JD Edwards upgrades – we were the first Oracle partner in North America to go live with an upgrade to EnterpriseOne 9.2. Since then, we’ve helped dozens of organizations make the move. Terillium has more than 170 full-time, U.S. based ERP consultants on our team. Our JDE team has an average of 16 years of professional experience with JD Edwards. We unite our expertise with our proven methodology and project management approach for a combination that our clients can trust during a JDE upgrade project.

Why It's Time for a JDE Upgrade

Oracle has extended premier JDE support through at least 2033 with improvements planned through its continuous delivery model. There are a number of other reasons to plan a JDE upgrade project:

New Tools and Functionality

Orchestrator Studio, UX One, CafeOne, and numerous other application enhancements.

Software Vendor Support

Releases older than Enterprise 9.0 are losing Oracle support, which is critical to maintain regulatory compliance, fix software bugs and utilize new infrastructure platforms and third-party products.

Better Performance

New releases of EnterpriseOne come with tool enhancements, code optimizations, improved user experience and more.

Additional Integrations

EnterpriseOne 9.2 includes a robust integration framework with dozens of business interfaces. This enables integration with other Oracle applications, including cloud applications, as well as third party integrations.

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What's New with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2

What to Know About the Latest Release

After 9.2 was released 7 years ago, JD Edwards went into a continuous innovation model, focusing on delivering incremental value quarter after quarter. By utilizing a continuous code line and shifting the delivery frequency, Oracle JD Edwards eliminated the number of upgrades and lessened the degree of change between releases. This makes it easier to implement and maintain a code current strategy, which further enables a continuous adoption mindset.

With the October 2022 launch of Release 23 comes a great deal of new powerful functionality.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 23 – What’s New and Exciting

  • Ability to Match Additional Lines of Vendor Invoices Using Voucher Match Automation
  • Improved Data Quality in Purchase Date Revisions
  • Enabling Outbound Interoperability in Purchase Receipts Inquiry
  • Provision to Contribute to Social Security Cost for Services
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment Approval to Buyer or a Single Recipient
  • Option to Print Component Item Substitutes
  • Default Work Order Routing Operation Status for Outside Processing Receipts
  • Option to Exclude Scrap When Determining Work Order Operation Status
  • Ability to Filter Data by Next Status when Using the Real-Time Event Filter Program
  • Ability to Recalculate Rebates Based on Original Currency Exchange Rate
  • Display Open Requisitions on Employee Org Chart
  • Address Book Map
  • Allow Attachments per Company (Line of Business) in Customer Master
  • Consider All of a User’s Roles when Unmasking Bank Account Numbers
  • Joint Venture Management Distribution Detail Voids Using a Batch Process
  • Financial Year End 2022 – 1099
  • On Hand Inventory Repost
  • Enable Batch Replenishment Programs to Validate Lot Status Groups
  • Call an Orchestration from a Workflow
  • Logic Extensions: Call Directly from a Form Extension
  • Logic Extensions: Aggregation Support
  • Data Set Processing for Logic Extensions
  • Complex Queries to the EnterpriseOne Database
  • Access to AIS APIs from e1pagehelper
  • Text Attachment API Enhancements
    • To control whether an uploaded text attachment replaces, appends to the last line, or appends to a new line of an existing text attachment
    • To control whether a text attachment is uploaded or downloaded including its HTML tags or as plain text with HTML tags stripped out
  • Exclude Orchestrations from OpenAPI Document
  • Define Inputs for a Scheduled Orchestration
  • User Modifications to the Orchestrator OpenAPI Document
  • File Selector for Orchestrations Launched from an EnterpriseOne Page
  • Import Excel Data Containing Formulas, Functions, and Cell Formatting
  • Password Reset Self-service
  • TLS Support for DB Communication
  • Enhanced Authentication for Data Access Through DAD Driver
  • Automatically Identify and Manage Oracle Database Connection State
  • Improved Performance of Workloads with Oracle Database

Preparing for a JDE Upgrade

When planning your JDE upgrade, there are several major things to consider. While it’s critical to choose the right partner for your project, its success does not hinge on this factor alone. We’ve developed six steps for planning a successful JDE upgrade.

Prepare by Planning

Once you know a JDE upgrade is coming, start planning. Define the scope and timeline, as well as the type of upgrade you’re performing – technical (also referred to as “like-for-like), functional (technical with some process or functional enhancements) or transformational (AKA, starting from scratch). Other aspects to plan for include controls, such as communication, task management and issue resolution; deliverables, resources and identifying the key benefits and objectives that are most important.

Choose the Right People

Tap members of your organization that you think can’t be spared from their responsibilities – these are usually your best candidates for your JDE upgrade team. Understand the personalities of those you choose in addition to their skillsets. Don’t forget to include subject matter experts and members of the IT team.

Identify the "Critical Path"

This is all the work that needs to be accomplished to ensure critical business processes are functional. These typically include retrofitting modifications, planning for third-party integrations, scheduling end-user training and identifying the most critical business processes, such as payroll or invoicing.


Performing all necessary tests throughout the project is critical – but you don’t have to do them all every time you test. The key is to perform the right tests at the right time. Keep in mind the importance of documentation, testing types and testing audits.


Like testing, user training is also very important. Plan for it by considering the five Ws – who, what when, where and, subbing in how. Additionally, prioritize topics based on your needs – those that bring the greatest value are General Navigation and features that improve user experience.

Go-Live Support and Beyond

Define a procedure that includes details for cutover, go-live and end-user support. Factors include timing, support strategy and issue management. Also keep in mind that issues can arise after the upgrade is complete – consider including managed services to help in the period following go-live.

JDE Upgrade Case Studies

Modern ERP, improved UX, streamlined business processes, better data access – these are a few highlights from our clients' JD Edwards upgrade case studies.

GrafTech Upgrades from JD Edwards XE to 9.2 Release 2220230301183554
Kingston Technology Modernizes with Upgrade from World to JD Edwards E120221116161619
Plexus Corp. Modernizes ERP Platform with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Upgrade20210125175316
Acme Brick Gains New Business Tools with Upgrade to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.220210104164145
Johnson Outdoors Ventures into Modern ERP with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade20190111164148
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