JD Edwards Managed Services

Terillium Managed Services for JD Edwards includes Application, CNC, and Development Support – and a whole lot more.


Managed Services Clients Renewed with Us in 2017, 2018, and 2019

Our highly experienced JDE managed services team offers application, development and CNC/database JDE support services. This includes business process support, issue resolution, scaling up strategies/tactics, performance maintenance, training and continuous improvement efforts, and more.

JDE Support You Can Count On

Terillium Managed Services offers 24/7 emergency issue support from an on-call JDE expert. Customers with 24/7 emergency support receive an exclusive phone number to call when you need us.

Terillium’s Oracle Database Support through NightOwl® Monitoring & Messaging gives you peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Powered by DBConnect.

Terillium Managed Services offers global support, so all of your company locations worldwide are covered under one managed services plan with one, flexible contract.

Terillium Managed Services offers proactive JDE monitoring with the help of Clarity, a digital JDE assistant. Powered by ERP Suites.

Terillium Managed Services also offers support for JDE World Application and Technical support, ReportsNow development, RF-SMART, and Oracle Sales Cloud.

Terillium, Managed Services
Terillium Managed Services, managed services

Our consultants’ portfolio of experience enables Terillium to provide enterprise application services, hosting and support for a vast array of industries and clients.

Flexible JD Edwards Managed Services Plans to Support Your JDE Needs

  • Short-term contracts
  • Monthly roll over hours
  • Ability to bank hours for larger projects such as upgrades
A long-term contract is not required for Terillium managed services. The number of monthly hours billed are on a case-by-case basis dependent on each client’s needs and hours roll over if they are not used. Hours can build up allowing our clients to use those hours towards a bigger project.

Our JD Edwards managed services plan gives your internal team the JDE support they need including:

  • Assistance with your ever-growing task list
  • Offload routine tasks
  • A responsive team to help relieve your team during vacations and to help provide continuous improvements to your systems and processes
“Terillium continues to be the partnership I benchmark others against."
Adam Davis
Global IT Manager, Turtle Wax


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