Hillman Group Fosters Future Growth with Oracle Cloud OTM & PLM

Hillman Group Fosters Future Growth with Oracle Cloud OTM & PLM

Hillman, a long-time JD Edwards customer, gains better insight into their business with Oracle ERP Cloud

The Client

Hillman is an industry leader in builder solutions, committed to building stronger partnerships with the customers they serve. Oracle Cloud OTM and PLM needed to provide solutions to the following issues:

  • Lack of holistic application to manage all freight carriers
  • Lack of functional tools to manage freight program & shipments
  • Need for proactive visibility to shipment delays
  • Offline analytics challenges due to volume of transaction line counts
  • Need for carrier KPI metrics to better manage performance and rates
  • Impact to service level projections due to lack of visibility and formalized metrics

The Challenge

Terillium led the implementation project with the goal to establish a global transportation management system via Oracle Transportation Management that provides proactive glass pipeline visibility to inbound and outbound shipments, related reporting, KPIs and analytics. Terillium and Oracle Cloud OTM needed to provide:

  • Inbound visibility and integration of PO lines
  • Purchase order visibility
  • Sales order lines and stock transfer lines for purposes of track and trace visibility
  • Integration to a 3rd party visibility aggregator (Project44) to provide shipment status updates

Our Solution

Hillman gained better insight into their business with a streamlined, modern system. Terillium delivered:

  • Visibility to item and shipment related data for decision making, performance assessment and capacity planning for E1 sourced transactions
  • Real-time carrier visibility via Project 44’s API connections to OTM
  • Transportation user dashboards, business monitors and alerts to manage shipments and action outliers more effectively
  • Analytical tools and KPI reporting with aggregate and detail views to sku level
Business InsightClear visibility of data for accurate and streamlined business decision making.
Effective ManagementThrough dashboards, monitors and alerts allow for more effective shipment management.
Real Time DataCarrier data brought to the dashboard in real-time via API connections.
ProductsOracle ERP Cloud: Supply Chain Execution Cloud, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, Master Data Management Cloud, Customer Cloud, Product Data Management Cloud