The Secret to Digital Transformation Webinar | On-Demand

The Secret to ERP Digital Transformation Webinar | On-Demand

Businesses worldwide are investing in ERP digital transformation. What does this mean for your organization? What does it mean for you as a leader? How can you go from being reactive, to proactive? If you missed this Super Session at COLLABORATE18, you’re in luck – we are bringing the conference to you. This webinar will take you through four crucial steps to driving digital transformation at your organization.

What You’ll Learn

ERP Digital Transformation. Journey to the Cloud. Internet of Things. These concepts are all buzz words (that are at times overused) but they are also legitimate business technology trends happening right now. In many ways, the future is here.

During this web event you will:

  • Discover four steps for driving ERP digital transformation at your organization.
  • Learn key considerations for evaluating and integrating cloud solutions, including Oracle Cloud applications.
  • Gain insights from real business case studies.


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