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Receipts Routing – Automate Your Transfers and Inbound Shipments

Speaker: Adam Farris

Visibility to your inbound goods is important whether your receiving them from an overseas supplier or shipping them from one of your manufacturing warehouses to a 3PL site. We will show how to create an Automated In-Transit Receiving Process for your inbound goods that will keep your team informed of the inventory throughout its quest to its destination.

  • Introduction to the concepts and configuration
  • Discuss two use cases where this has been applicable for other clients
  • Available to answer questions around your use case ideas and how you could best accomplish them.

Modern Shop Floor – Create a Simple Shop Floor Interface for End Users

Speaker: Bryan Rose

Would you like to learn a more efficient and automated way to enhance the end user experience for the shop floor? In this session, you will learn how to build a simple shop floor work bench with no coding required.

  • Introduction to the concepts and configuration
  • Build a simple shop floor interface
  • Available to answer questions around your use case ideas and how you could best accomplish them.

CRM to Planning – Tracking Your Customers' Needs

Speaker: Bryan Rose and Adam Farris

Many Manufacturers wish they had the ability to track their inbound customer orders from their first inquiry, through winning the deal and deliver. We will show how you use JDE’s CRM and Customer 360 view to track Lead, Opportunities and quotes to sales through the MRP process in JDE.

  • Introduction to the concepts and configuration
  • See a CRM Lead Flow through to MRP Planning, All in JDE
  • Available to answer questions

Making Advanced Pricing Work

Speaker: Adam Farris

Advanced Pricing provides us with a tool that’s useful for much more than straightforward discounts and multipliers in pricing, and in this session, we’ll look at some “thinking outside the box” sales order solutions that are possible with this module. At the end of this session you’ll see Advanced Pricing as an innovative option to consider not just for challenging sales pricing scenarios, but also when you need a mechanism to control the sales process.

  • Using adjustments as a more flexible way to control Item Restrictions – Mandatory Adjustments and Mutually Exclusive Adjustments
  • Detached adjustments – why they’re so useful for managing pricing allowances, and how they can be used to keep your AR clean when using custom invoicing solutions
  • Using weight-based free good adjustments or order level adjustments as a “poor man’s transportation” solution to add freight charges to sales orders
  • Managing minimum and maximum purchase quantity requirements with Advanced Pricing – use of the “Skip To” feature and Volume Adjustments

Production Scheduling – Get Your Capacity in Check!

Speaker: Bryan Rose

Are you having issues scheduling your facility due to capacity reasons? In this session you will learn about the JDE capacity planning module and how it can help get your production line within your specific capacity constraints. We will also include best practices for grouping like orders and products together to increase efficiencies. Objectives:

  • Better understanding of Capacity planning based on defined capacities
  • How to categorize like items for increasing shop floor throughput
  • Paperless processing to better coordinate scheduling and shop floor employees

Meet the Presenters

Bryan Rose

Bryan is a Manager and JD Edwards Consultant at Terillium who specializes in both Manufacturing & Distribution modules. He has been involved in numerous successful implementations and upgrades across a wide range of industries. Additionally, he is Product Certified in all JD Edwards Manufacturing applications. Bryan is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Master’s of Science in Business Informatics.

Adam Farris, Terillium
Adam Farris

Adam is a Senior Distribution Consultant at Terillium. He is specialized in JD Edwards Distribution and has been involved on many successful implementations. Adam has presented at various workshops and conferences including COLLABORATE, INFOCUS, and regional user groups.