3 Signs You Need a NetSuite Support Partner

Whether you just went live on NetSuite or have been using it for years – chances are you have a NetSuite “wish list.” The list could include new reports, additional training for your team, help with certain areas like accounts payable or fixed assets – or it might simply be that you’d like to “do more” with NetSuite. You’re not alone. Learn more about the common reasons businesses choose a NetSuite support partner, and how the right partner can help you.

1. You know you could be doing more with NetSuite.

You might have specific features, functionality or modules in mind that you’d like to leverage in NetSuite but haven’t had the time or resources to make it happen. Or you might not have identified specific enhancements yet, but you know there are opportunities for optimization and automation with NetSuite.

A NetSuite support partner can provide the resources and expertise to help you make your wish list items a reality. The right partner can also help you map out what new tools or functionality you can take advantage of, then prioritize based on where you’ll see the biggest impact.

Depending on the situation, your NetSuite support partner may begin with an assessment. This allows your partner to assess your current configuration then, together with your team, create an informed approach to improvements.

2. You need more (or ongoing) NetSuite training.

Whether it’s a regular training need, for onboarding or other purposes, or project-based training to learn a new module or feature – the right NetSuite support partner can help. Using a partner to conduct training ensures you and your employees learn from certified consultants who have worked on numerous NetSuite projects and can provide best practices.

3. You need help, in general.

Maybe you have a bigger, comprehensive project in mind to improve how your organization uses NetSuite. Or, maybe you have smaller but frequent tasks you’d like addressed. In either case, a NetSuite support partner can help. Common support requests include:

  • Reporting
  • Implementing new modules
  • Training
  • Specific configurations or optimizations (accounts payable, fixed assets, bank reconciliations etc.)
  • Creating dashboards
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Creating scripts
  • Workflows
  • EDI integration
  • Setting up new users, security or other administrative tasks

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