9 Enhancements JD Edwards Experts Say Will Future Proof Your Business

Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2 Update 5

December 2020 Announcement

Oracle is pleased to announce the newest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2.5 providing significant customer-driven application product improvements to further reinforce digital transformation roadmaps­­­. ­­

We asked our JDE solutions architects for the top enhancements from the latest applications release to prioritize that will keep your organization agile going into 2021.


Work Order Ledger

For manufacturing organizations, the Work Orders now have the audit trail (ledger). This has been highly requested by many JDE clients after having this option for Sales and Purchase. In addition, Work Order can be Frozen and Locked for changes based upon Order Activity Rules.

Quantity Restrictions for Work Order and Rate Schedule Completions

New processing options have been added to the Work Order Completions and Rate Schedule Completions Workbench applications that enable control of completion quantities. System administrators can now completely prevent partial completions and over completions beyond a specified percentage.

Fixed Time Basis for Routing

For some production operations such as heat treating or plating, the work center runtime might not vary based on the quantity being processed. To simplify fixed-time operations, a new time basis code value has been added to enable you to specify the fixed hours for scheduling, planning, costing, and accounting.

Inventory Management

Item Base Price Interoperability

The Item Base Price file F4106 has not had a standard “out of the box” conversion process, until now. A new interoperability program has been provided so that pricing managers can perform mass updates of base prices when the price changes are not determined by a fixed percentage or a fixed amount. This will eliminate some development work required during data conversions, improve efficiency and ensure timely competitive pricing.

Default Display Options for Item Availability

Default display options are now available for Work with Item Availability. This enhancement enables users to personalize their view by specifying whether the Summary Only and Omit Zero Quantities options are selected on the Work with Item Availability form. To be able to default the check boxes to simplify the inventory availability view has been a constant request by users It is a constant request from users.

Order Management

Item Cost Retrieval from Item Cost File for a Copied Sales Order

A processing option has been added to the Sales Order Entry program. The ability to pull current cost into a copied Sales Order enables customers to have up to date information with waiting for shipping confirmation to update the latest cost.

Advanced Pricing

Order Level Pricing in Procurement

Suppliers often offer discounts to purchasing organizations based on the total quantity, weight, or volume of the goods purchased. With Order Level Pricing in Advanced Pricing allows Procurement to take advantage of Total Purchase Order Weight, Quantity or Volume. This is a powerful tool to add to the Procurement Pricing options that improves accuracy.


Ability to Track Actual Cost Separate from Procurement Price Adjustments

The Procurement Management system includes a new automatic accounting instruction (AAI) used to keep the purchase cost and the adjustment amount separate in the General Ledger. This brings some better alignment with how Advanced Pricing works on sales orders.


Address Book Duplication Prevention

Improved duplicate address book validation now alleviates the potential for duplicate records when you enter, revise, or upload address book records. If this option is activated, it allows the setup of common words in that are abbreviated differently in the validation process. This change provides increased data accuracy, thereby enabling precise reporting.

*Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2.5

Your JDE roadmap should have realistic timelines in order for you to continue to stay current and leverage the latest technology. To learn more about the latest enhancements and capabilities, be sure to check out the full applications release.

If you’re not on the most recent version of JD Edwards, it’s worth considering. Contact us with questions about the upgrade process.

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