Dansons Pellet Company Streamlines Processes with NetSuite Manufacturing Implementation

Dansons Pellet Company Improves Processes with NetSuite Manufacturing Implementation

Dansons streamlines manufacturing processes and increases reporting capabilities with NetSuite Manufacturing

The Client

Dansons is a best-in-class, global consumer goods corporation that is proudly family-owned and managed, with the reputation that fits the founders – reliable, authentic, dependable, and honest. As the home of multiple award-winning, consumer-backed brands, they consistently strive for quality and customer satisfaction in every area of their business. Through widespread success in Canada, the US, and internationally, they have expanded its product line from horse and animal bedding to pellet fuel and pellet fuel appliances, and more recently to industry-leading brands such as Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss Grills. NetSuite needed to:

  • Systemize tracking and planning
  • Create a streamlined approach for business processes
  • Streamline reporting of production, inventory usage, and cost tracking
  • Move from an offline process to a system wide manufacturing model

The Challenge

Terillium led the NetSuite Manufacturing implementation project as an Oracle Platinum Partner and NetSuite Solution Provider. Dansons chose Terillium based on the company’s experience with Oracle ERP as well as the team’s manufacturing industry knowledge. The team:

  • Setup all items and bill of materials
  • Implemented work order processing and management, and production costing
  • Improved insight on product cost identification, sales order management, and purchase order management
  • Enabled cost allocation functionality; use allocation schedule in NetSuite to section off costs and allocate to specific accounts

Our Solution

Dansons selected NetSuite for its manufacturing capabilities and module. Terillium delivered:

  • A 3-month implementation timeline
  • Increased visibility of materials and inventory
  • Increased transparency of inventory, costing, etc. for executive leadership
  • Improved production cost reporting
  • Standardized processes in multiple manufacturing plants
  • Improved forecasting capabilities due to increased reporting
  • Ability to pull P&L in format needed
  • Overall improved and streamlined manufacturing processes and operations
Better Inventory Management & VisibilityNetSuite Manufacturing module provides better visibility into data such as sales and inventory, allowing Dansons to make better informed forecasting decisions
Improved ReportingDansons went from almost no reporting to capabilities to advanced production cost reporting capabilities. They now have the tools needed to make better forecasting and overall business decisions.
Streamlined Overall ProcessesNetSuite automated Dansons' manufacturing processes, reducing manual tasks. Dansons' new system also improved inventory accuracy and cost allocation.
ProductsNetSuite Cloud ERP: OneWorld, Multi-Currency, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Expense Reporting, CRM, Orders, Inventory, Purchasing, Shipping, Work Orders, WIP, Routings

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