NetSuite 2022.1 Release – What’s New

The latest release of NetSuite (2022.1) is scheduled to be released mid-February. Key new features include – the ability to understand and forecast your cash within the platform, gain more visibility into your project management from a single dashboard, increase warehouse operations via mobile enhancements, and more.

The NetSuite upgrade is on a rolling basis, starting in February 2022 through April 2022. Log in to your dashboard and check out the new release portlet to learn more about your upgrade date, see sneak peeks and more regarding the new NetSuite release. Contact us with questions.

Important Steps to Take Before Your NetSuite Upgrade

How do I know when my upgrade is taking place?

NetSuite 2022.1: NetSuite customers will be updated in phases:

  • Phase 1: Mid-February 2022
  • Phase 2: Mid-March 2022
  • Phase 3: Mid-April


Learn more about your upgrade date by checking the new release portlet on your dashboard.

How do I receive a 2021.2 Release Preview Account?

Nothing beats getting to test how all the new features will work with your data, workflows, and customizations. Opt-in to take advantage of the Release Preview access period to prepare and become familiar with new NetSuite capabilities.

  • From your production account, administrators should go Setup > Company > Release Preview.
  • Click Request Release Preview
  • The account will be available within 3-5 days


Visit SuiteAnswers to learn more.

What’s New

By the beginning of Q2 all NetSuite users will have the following new functionality:

  • Sophisticated views into your cash position to forecast near-term cash flow, as well as projected collections and disbursements
  • Increased visibility into your project management from a single dashboard
  • Additional warehouse operations via mobile enhancements, including expanded tally scan capabilities and zone picking

Feature Highlights for Wholesale Distributors

By covering a space in between manufacturing and retail, distributors are feeling the effects of both industries. Even more after this Covid-led disruption, distributors are especially struggling with the increased cost of materials and worker shortages.

Despite these major challenges, wholesale distributors must provide excellence B2B customer experiences and optimize inventory levels. “NetSuite 2022 Release 1 includes several features to drive supply chain efficiency and support cross-channel sales” including:

  • Improving Warehouse Efficiency
  • More Help to Manage the Supply Chain
  • Better Purchasing Decisions
  • Reducing Inventory Waste
  • Keeping a Close Eye on Cash Flow
  • Increasing Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Drive Better Decision-making Through Analytics
  • Simpler Integration Management
  • Zone Picking for Both Single- and Multi-Order Picks


Learn more about the wholesale distribution enhancements in NetSuite 2021.2.

Feature Highlights for Manufacturers

With the start of the new year, there are still plenty of opportunities for manufacturers. Although, the same challenges with high material costs and consistent supply and labor shortages are requiring manufacturing businesses to prioritize accurate forecasting and automation. “NetSuite 2022 Release 1 offers new and improved functionality to address these concerns and help give manufacturers a leg up on the competition” including:

  • Increasing Efficiency, Predictability in the Supply Chain
  • Making Warehouses More Efficient
  • Better Understand Your Cash Position
  • Keeping an Eye on Inventory
  • Better Analytics
  • Easily Manage Commerce Integrations
  • Improving Your Quality Management


Deep dive into more manufacturing improvements in NetSuite 2021.2.

Feature Highlights for Services companies

While professional service firms are projected 4% year-over-year market growth in 2022, hiring qualified candidates to fuel these positive developments is becoming more of a challenge. The rise of revenues and the ratio of job openings to job seekers has never been higher. Now more than ever, personalized services and excellent visibility into cash flow data is crucial for service businesses to grow.

“NetSuite 2022 Release 1 includes new features and enhancements that will help services firms meet all these challenges and make employees — especially project managers — more productive, clients more satisfied, data more connected and projects more profitable.” These features include:

  • Single Point of Project Control
  • Faster Payments, Better Cash Flow and Insights
  • Advanced Budget Flexibility
  • Make Every Payroll Dollar Count
  • Easier Way to Link Your Data


Uncover more the capabilities and functions for service companies in NetSuite 2021.2.

2021.2 NetSuite Release Schedule

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