NetSuite Upgrade Schedule

The latest release of NetSuite (2020.1) was recently announced. See below for the 2020 NetSuite Upgrade Schedule as well as NetSuite 2020.1 Notes.

What You Need to Know about the Latest NetSuite Release

 Key new features include: new banking SuiteApp, SuitePeople enhancements, extended Supply Chain Control Tower capabilities, new project lifecycle and financial management functionality, and industry feature highlights.

The NetSuite upgrade is on a rolling basis starting in February, through April. We recommend you include your upgrade portlet on your home dashboard to see your upgrade date. Contact us with questions.

Oracle NetSuite 2020.1 Release Highlights

Features and enhancements include the new Bank Feeds SuiteApp and new Bank Connectivity API. Learn more.

New features include: insights into salary and experience data in SuitePeople, bonus dispersal and pay feature, bulk record update capabilities, streamlined exit processes with offboarding, planning and budgeting tools.

Enhanced capabilities include: extended Supply Chain Control Tower intelligence, new SuiteAnalytics Supply Chain Workbook, inventory allocation automation, optimizations and automation for outsource manufacturing operations, fulfillment scheduling, and specific food and beverage features.

Updates include improved tools and smarter analytics to simplify the management of project budgets. Automated cost calculations and other system updates to increase accuracy for time and expenses. Other enhancements around controls for billable time and time-modification requests are also now available.

The latest NetSuite release includes financial management enhancements including: better revenue and audit trail visibility, subscription revenue functionality, contract revenue insights, and new custom transaction features.

NetSuite 2020 Release 1 includes enhancements to the SuiteCloud platform for developers. Learn more.

New features for Software, Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Food and Beverage, Wholesale Distribution, General Business and Nonprofit organizations. Learn more.

LISTEN: NetSuite Version 2020.1 Highlights Overview

Latest NetSuite Release Notes

2020 NetSuite Release Schedule

April 2020: NetSuite 2020.1

September 2020 (anticipated): NetSuite 2020.2

Previous Release - 2019.2 NetSuite Release

 Key features included: prebuilt SuiteAnalytics Workbooks, simplified intercompany management functionality, new employee management tools. Learn more below.

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