NetSuite 2022.2 Release Summary

The latest release of NetSuite (2022.2) is here!

The NetSuite 2022.2 Release update came in strong with features like:

  • an operational efficiency solution that will allow live automated cycle counting
  • reduction of manual accounting tasks when it comes to the management and execution of promotions
  • for the sales folks, there is a CRM add-on that will allow the users to have the right data at the right time and for the right roles

Key New Features for NetSuite 2022.2 Release

  • Better Inventory Management, Planning, and Visibility
  • Financial Efficiencies to Increase Profits
  • A CX boost with new CRM Dashboards
  • Faster and More Informed Decisions with Fast, Relevant, and Reliable Analytics

As per usual, the upgrade is conducted on a rolling basis and was scheduled to begin in mid-August 2022 and complete around October of 2022.

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What’s New

Better Inventory Management, Planning, and Visibility

With SmartCount, inventory management can be better managed while reducing impact on operations.  Designed for mobile devices, SmartCount eliminates the need for physical counts while allowing for overall more accurate inventory counts. Inventory and Warehouse planning get a big boost in this release. Item 360 provides inventory planning and management a more simplified experience through the Item 360 dashboard.  Easily access stock levels, real time transactions, pertinent KPIs, location-based inventory and alerts from one pane of glass.

Forecasting the needed stock to have on hand isn’t just a “nice to have”, it’s critical to the bottom line. The Planners Workbench in NetSuite MRP provides visualization of projected inventory through a graph versus simply a table to see trends in inventory / stock levels.

With fewer workers, efficiency and accuracy are key to profitability. NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to be alerted and an invoice generated for a service fulfillment, just as you would an inventory item. This motion will give greater overall control and reduce the labor involved in the invoicing process.

Learn more about the Inventory Planning and Warehouse Process in NetSuite 2022.2.


Financial Efficiencies to Increase Profits

Manufacturer rebates and trade promotions made simple? Yup! Operational efficiency is brought front and center by minimizing manual accounting with the SuiteApp Rebates and Trade Promotions. Easily define terms, calculate rebates, automate the settlement and reconciliation process, overall improved analysis capabilities and more!


NetSuite 2022.2 Release
SuiteApp Rebates and Trade Promotions View

Learn more about Rebates & Trade Promotions in NetSuite 2022.2.


A CX boost with new CRM Dashboards

The newly introduced CRM Add-On is a one two punch for Sales and Marketing, providing more accurate data and a better overall Customer Experience. The CRM Add-On allows for real time data on current leads and sales activity allowing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service rolls to provide better, informed service to customers and prospects alike.

Want a deeper view into that sales activity? CRM Workbooks will give you the real time KPI data you need. With 10 pre-built SuiteAnalytics reports you can see real time generated reports showing current opportunities, conversion rates, lost opportunities and more; all generated in CRM Workbooks and not with a spreadsheet, which we all know is prone to human error.

Learn more about the CRM Add-On and a better Customer Experience in NetSuite 2022.2.

Faster and More Informed Decisions with Fast, Relevant, and Reliable Analytics


NetSuite Analytics Warehouse enhancements in 2022.2 are focused on making business critical decisions easier. Relevant data – whether transactional, custom, or from a large selection of third party sources is brought together visually to quickly see trends and relationships that drive the decision making process.

Custom Data though? Really? Yes! With the utilization of the Custom Attribute Mapping Editor tool, data can move seamlessly… purchasing, finance, sales, inventory, and more all with no coding needed.

Learn more about the Enhanced  Analytics Powerhouse in NetSuite 2022.2.

Find the full summary from Oracle NetSuite on the NetSuite 2022.2 Release HERE.

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Amanda FrietschDecember 1, 2022