NetSuite Demo: Creating and Tracking Marketing Cloud Forms

NetSuite Cloud Marketing Forms

Uncover lesser known tactics on how to use ERP (specifically NetSuite) to increase revenue. We’re showing examples in this live demo, on how to create marketing cloud forms to collect information from existing customers as well as new prospects.

Transcript from video

Creating Forms in NetSuite

So here is a NetSuite’s website. If I scroll down here and I click on this free product tour. So when I click on this, NetSuite’s taking you to an online form and what’s great about the tool is, if I go into NetSuite, if I go to Setup > Marketing > Online Customer Forms, I can create these online forms that will collect this information. And you can either store it on your NetSuite site or you can store it on your Magento or Shopify site.

When I do that, I select the field. So you can say…when I create this form, I want to see the first name, last name, company, email. You define what that looks like, what fields are required in the form.

And then, I can say when this comes in, I want it to come in from an advertisement for, let’s say interest in ERP. I can define to set a specific campaign, so a marketing campaign. And this goes for not only new customers, but existing ones. For example, you can send out a page where customers can come in and update information if you want. So if they have an address change, they can update that.

You can send out information in newsletters, and I’ll show you a campaign event here shortly. But you get a lot of ability to set data so that when it comes in, you define it. And I can say, “You know what? We sent out this contact us form on our particular product page. Well, all that came in and I can track all of that and I don’t have to enter the information. I don’t have to go to my own website and create that contact form and have it go in into its database and import it in.”

When I create this online marketing cloud form, just the way NetSuite does, as soon as they update this, it comes right into NetSuite as an individual record.

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